Job Purpose:    

Regulatory Mapping attorneys, at a senior associate level, must possess a good understanding of financial market and concepts. These attorneys should be capable of conducting independent research to understand the business of financial firms and determine relevant compliance obligations. They should have a good understanding of financial terms and concepts. They must have the ability to accurately interpret financial statutes and regulations.  These attorneys should be good with research and know where to find the most up-to-date regulatory and statutory developments.  These attorneys should have exceptional analytical skills. They should be capable of participating in quality control process.  They should identify and escalate all relevant issues as well as cascade down all relevant information. should have excellent oral and written communication skills. 

Job Description:    

  • Conducts training on compliance areas for subordinates and guide them with subject matter requirements on live projects and otherwise. 
  • Co-operates with team members and acts as a team player. 
  • Supervises junior team members as a manager (goal centric career management and go to person for all issues) 
  • Escalates project specific issues and other relevant issues, as appropriate, to the relevant stakeholders. 
  • Applies themselves to understanding the underlying issues of a project. 
  • Take ownership and provide feedback to juniors and assist in resolving conflict
  • Achieve on time delivery (OTD) on all client deliverables or anticipate and escalate possible delay in advance.
  • Thorough and meticulous with great attention to details. 
  • Taking ownership of processes and controls of the team, driving the development of methods to improve processes and/or controls to ensure that these are efficient, effective and relevant
  • Understands overall client requirements to help develop project scope and drive internal discussions on resource requirements and creation of project plan
  • Understands project metrics such as utilization, efficiency, gross margins etc. 
  • Effective communication with internal and external stakeholders
  • Organized and efficient – handles responsibility assigned to them quickly and accurately. 
  • Reports back to their seniors on the status of assignments. 
  • Effective on the floor in terms of sharing learning/insights with peers/juniors/seniors. 
  • Consistent presence and active participation at team, department, and company meetings and participates in voluntary professional development programs.
  • Accomplishes work with low to moderate supervision. 


  • Fundamental understanding of financial concepts and good hold on legal and compliance areas 
  • Ability to drive team’s interpretation and understanding of statutes in light of financial products and services 
  • Excellent analytical and logical skills 
  • Good project management and people management experience 
  • Troubleshooting and issue resolution
  • Attention to details 
  • Proficiency in MS Office, specially MS Excel
  • Working knowledge of legal databases 
  • Effectively communicating results/findings of work in all mediums (verbal and written)


  • Impact is normally within the immediate project team.
  • Typically works on one or two projects at a time and as a member of the project team(s).
  • Possesses the ability to manage small teams (2-3 people). 
  • Possesses the ability to share feedback and answer queries.
  • Team members/juniors/peers seek him out for guidance and direction; senior personnel trust him to convey messages or to report back on matters.

Behavioral Competencies:    

  • Ability to create standard instructions regarding legal research and any other project scope and cascade uniformly across the team for standardized outcomes 
  • Ability to advice and contribute towards creation of linear and efficient workflows based on project requirement 
  • Leverage strong communication and relation building skills in frequent interaction with both internal and external stakeholders
  • Self-reliant and confident handling of project and team issues
  • Generally leaning towards issue resolution rather than issue escalation
  • Adaptive to team and fosters collaborative approach 
  • Innovative approach to the project and team management, when required 
  • Shows passion and desire to learn 
  • Diligence and ability to multi-task 
  • Must have an eye for details


Must have:

  • Law degree

Desirable: LL.M.

  • Language capabilities – Professional proficiency in English


  • 3 – 5 years


  • Experience in legal research/regulatory compliance related work.

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