About the internship:

PRS Legislative offers rolling internships throughout the year. The PRS staff consists of a team of dedicated professionals with different areas of expertise and is broadly divided into the research and outreach departments.

Internship structure:

The internship varies from session to non-session time. During a Parliament session, PRS’s work is guided by the issues taken up in Parliament, and interns are expected to work with the analysts on any and all projects. During non-session periods, the interests of the individual intern are taken into consideration, and he/she is matched with an analyst(s) doing related work.

The intern will be assisting analysts in their research, as well as undertaking an internship project. The duration of the internship is normally between four and eight weeks.

The intern should have:

  • Strong writing skills
  • Strong analytical skills

Mode of internship:

Online, work from home. The successful completion of a PRS internship requires the intern to pursue and complete an internship project.


THis is an unpaif internship.

How to apply?

Interested persons can fill in the application form.  The form has to be filled out in one session, and there is no option of saving responses.

Interns are expected to:

  1. write a short statement of purpose (not more than 500 words).
  2. upload an up-to-date resume in PDF format.
  3. upload a writing sample on any policy issue. (not more than 1000 words) in PDF format.

For any queries, please email at internship[at]prsindia.org. 

Visit: https://www.prsindia.org/aboutus/opportunities-at-prs?fbclid=IwAR3RgAmlO132DtQh23cwyw_g6GsXz_xeSWwazwd0bOR22YcgIeWB81Fts5A

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