About Innoventory Solution:

INNOVENTORY SOLUTIONS is an Independent Patent & Technology Consulting Firm with a focus on innovation to its successful commercialization. We strive to stay centered to align everything with clients’ end objectives and offer a unique blend of innovation technical and Patent expertise to enable independent handling of complex matters.

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Duties and Responsibilities

Legal & technical perspective field experience required. Have to work as a unit in the company and should bring creativity to draft a patent.

Skills and competencies

For drafting a patent from a technical approach and should have well-versed knowledge in the ethical process for the patents.

Have some experience in the IPR field. A well-informed person who sits with the team and works on the ideas to draft a patent.

Relationship :

Should be working effectively and efficiently in the company with the group.

Aiming to maintain healthy relationships with

the co-employees.


1. Working closely with notable law firms

2. Invaluable guidance from budding lawyers and professionals

3. Exposure to legal, strategic, and operational learnings

4. A letter of recommendation

5. Certificate of performance

If you are someone seeking pivotal growth in your learning curve and want to validate your judicial learnings, get in touch today.

Contact Information


(+91) 9877428600

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