Internship Opportunity: Career Point University Hamirpur on Patent Law


Located in the lap of nature, the Career Point University was established by Government of  Himachal Pradesh Act No 12 of 2012 under Sec 2(f) of UGC Act 1956. The University is recognized by UGC and is a member of AIU. The courses run by the university are approved by  UGC, HPPERC, HP Government, BCI and PCI. There are Five Schools and thirteen departments imparting education from undergraduate level up to doctoral level. 

Career Point University follows the world’s best IIT-Education system to support every student to realize their potential with the experiential approach in academics. Thousands of young students have already made Career Point University as their first choice for their higher education to give thrust to their career. University offers personal approach to address every student’s need. The University works with a mission to provide quality education and help students excel in all walks of life. 


The School of Legal Studies and Governance was set up in 2014 with BALLB program. Later  the School took a leap by starting LLM and PhD programs. Presently the School has one department and one division. The School of Legal Studies and Governance in committed to provide career-oriented quality legal education to students. In a short span of five years, the  School of Legal Studies and Governance has become a preferred destination for the students who 

wish to make a mark in law field. The regular classroom teaching is supplemented by case studies and simulation exercises. The School derives its strength from qualified and experienced faculty which is complimented by a well equipped departmental library. Located in the rural area, imparting free legal aid forms an important component of teaching.  


Intellectual property lawyers combine their legal skills with other skills in technology, business,  and the arts. Often a company’s lifeblood is its ownership of intellectual property. IP law involves protecting intellectual creations including inventions, discoveries, original create works such as music, plays, maps, computer programs and books, as well as brand names and other symbols that indicate the source of goods and services. IP includes patent law, copyright law, trademark law, and trade secret law, along with some other areas of law, including licensing and unfair competition. With the rapidly developing technology, and the increasing number of patents granted every year, protection and enforcement of patents and rights of patent holders is of utmost importance. The legal community a big role in safeguarding the rights of patent holders. Legally, patents provide inventors with the right to exclude others from making, using,  selling, offering for sale, or importing an invention. Keeping this in mind, this internship has been designed to help the learners, especially lawyers and law students wishing to build their careers in Patents Law. This internship will also benefit professionals who wish to get acquainted with the law or refresh their knowledge on the subject. 


Open to All  


18th July 2021 


The duration of the internship would be for 4 to 5 weeks. (19th July to 18th August 2021) MODE OF INTERNSHIP 

The Internship will be ONLINE. 

All the reporting and dissemination of information will take place through the  Mail. Every task allocated to the interns will have specific guidelines to be followed. 


The certificate will be awarded to the interns upon satisfactory completion of all the mandatory requirements of their internships and on submission of their Assignment  Report/Quiz and its evaluation by the Chair members. 


Interested candidates are required to apply through Google link 



No stipend shall be provided for the Internship. 

We reserve the right to terminate the internship at any time if a selected candidate is found to not diligently fulfil his/her obligations during the internship period.

If the internship is so terminated, the candidate will not be provided with the certificate. 

For any further information/clarification, kindly send an email to or  contact Rajni BALLB 5th Year 8278814381, Kanika BALLB 4th Year 8894154736

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