About the Organization

Indian Legal Wing (ILW) is India’s own Legal Platform that aims to cater to the exclusive needs of legal personalities and everyone who are interested in the filed of Law. It’s an initiative of connecting Layman to Lawman. We bring forth Law and its distinct aura through our insightful features and opportunities to make law always exciting. Indian Legal Wing (ILW) promises its readers the ‘Legal perspective’, different opportunities and facilities with a essence and an easy outlook!

About Internship

We offer various Internship opportunities to all. Our internships are aimed at providing the best possible opportunities to anyone who wishes to join us. We are accepting Applications for the following positions:-

  1. Researcher – As a Legal Researcher you shall work very closely with the team by assisting them in designing the Certificate Courses, preparing Research Articles, Research Papers, Judgment summary and various contents and thus it shall be a very vital position. You shall be offered certain tasks which you will have to research, compile and provide us.
  • Content Writer – As a content writer you will be involved in preparing content for our Website which shall be viewed by various viewers. Essentially your task involves the creation of content for our website by writing blogs and short write-ups which shall be regularly published on the same.
  • Legal Correspondent- As a Legal Correspondent you shall prepare various videos on legal topics and legal news on daily/ weekly/ monthly basis which shall be uploaded in our YouTube channel and website regularly.
  • Campus Representative- As a campus representative you will be involved in dealing with many people with whom you have to share about the facilities available with Indian Legal Wing and will be representing it in your campus. You will be closely associated with all the happenings on our Website. All in all, you shall be the face of our Website.


Minimum duration of internship is 2 months, however, Indian Legal Wing is flexible and may increase/decrease the duration depending on the candidate’s performance and availability.

Application Procedure

Interested candidates can apply by visiting our site https://www.indianlegalwing.com/ and filling up Google form available in Internship section.

  • Shortlisted Candidate will be notified through Email.

Link to apply- https://www.indianlegalwing.com/internship

Who can Apply?

  • Students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate program in the discipline of Law.
    • Candidates who are available for full/part-time online internship
    • Candidates who are available for the minimum duration of 2 month.
    • Candidates who are interested in research work and have good research skills. (When applying for researcher or content writer).
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
    • Outstanding command of English and Hindi language. (When applying for legal correspondent)


  • Certificate of Experience/Internship to all.
    • Exciting Rewards for Top Performers.
    • Publications on Indian Legal Wing (ILW).
    • Free Mentorship from legal luminaries across the globe.

Contact Information

E-mail ID: indianlegalwing@gmail.com Contact:+91-8537889808, +91-8770877514

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