Appropriate and effective use of law and policy, both as legislated and implemented, is vital in addressing various aspects of social justice, including inequities in health. A salient illustration is the HIV/AIDS epidemic, which was most effectively countered through key public health and social interventions, supported by evidence-informed and rational deployment of legislation, enforcement and policy guidance. This use of the law is grounded in the knowledge that empowering those who are most vulnerable is the most effective way to stem the spread of HIV.

The Centre for Health Equity Law & Policy (C-HELP) is an initiative that takes these lessons and applies and adapts them across other health contexts and priorities. It also aims to use law in conjunction with other disciplines – economics, sociology, anthropology, public health, communication, governance etc. – to find holistic and systemic solutions to inequities in health.


In its essence C-HELP aims to contribute to health and wellbeing that is achievable for all, using law as a critical paradigm through which this social good can be attained. It is committed to humanist and inclusive social justice approaches that are founded on the imperatives of accountability, quality, accessibility, affordability and fairness. It is moored in the vision of a society that reaches its full potential by achieving a meaningful right to health for every person and community, informed by evidence on what works to serve individual and collective health goals.


C-HELP is helmed and staffed by legal experts who have vast experience in working at the intersections of health, law and policy in India and globally, including on extensive research projects, trainings and capacity enhancement of various health-related stakeholders, drafting legislation, litigating seminal cases, engaging with civil society, advising governments, and managing large-scale global initiatives.

About Internship

C-HELP fosters law and policy research on health by law students, and encourages applications for internships.

  • Internships last for a duration of 4 to 8 weeks
  • Applicants should be 4th or 5th year law students
  • Applications should be made at least 2 months prior to the proposed starting date
  • Please complete this form-

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