Lexpeeps is totally dedicated to the legal fraternity where law professionals get an opportunity to flourish their career in a better way. Lexpeeps organises different events debates seminars of its own and also will organise the major law school activities on tie-ups with leading law school. Lexpeeps is not only limited up to managing the legal events but it also is providing internships to law students where the law professionals come in touch with each other and can grow by associating with the company.


Lexpeeps is hiring at different positions with minimum work and maximum benefits–

  1. Legal Content Creators
  2. Marketing
  3. Graphic Designer
  4. Search Engine Optimisation
  5. Video Editor
  6. Legal News
  7. Creative Content Creator


•Letter of Recommendation
•Internship Certificate Valid Everywhere
•Discounts on Lexpeeps Exclusive Events

Feel free to mail: lexpeeps.in@gmail.com – Queries
Apply at –


Legal Content Writers:

  1. Submit the daily Report to the concerned team head
  2. Prepare PPT’s on the legal topics.
  3. Write Legal Maxims with relevant case Laws
  4. Write a Legal Word, explaining its meaning and usage in Law


  1. Sharing Lexpeeps contents on various social media handles and groups.
  2. Perform Market analysis and Research on Competition.
  3. Support the Marketing team in daily administrative tasks..

Graphic Designer

  1. Gather necessary details and materials to prepare for Lexpeeps upcoming events.
  2. Design layouts for lexpeeps social media posts.

Search Engine Optimization

  1. Research and prepare the list of topics widely searched on the Internet related to Law
  2. Prepare an SEO friendly structure on which articles are to be written.
  3. Prepare the list of keywords to be included
  4. Assist the team in writing SEO friendly content.
  5. Assist concerned team members in other day to day tasks

Video Editor

  1. Edit the videos provided by the Lexpeeps team.
  2. Look into the audio and video quality of the Videos.
  3. Writing voiceover/commentary wherever required.

Legal News

  1. Submit at least two Legal News daily
  2. Mention the news highlights of the news (in the form of pointers in the article itself)
  3. Write the legal aspects of the news
  4. Prepare 4-5 static/dynamic questions related to the News
  5. Research on the Judgments passed by the SC and HC and write a well-researched article on it.

Creative Content Writers (Memes)

  1. Look what’s in the most important in the Legal News
  2. Create Memes for Lexpeeps social media posts
  3. Work on brand new parodies

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