About International Dispute Resolution Competition

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the prestigious 7th Edition of Lex Infinitum (VMSCL-AIDR) will be held in an online mode from 23rs to 27th February 2022, where a maximum of both 36 Negotiating Teams and 18 Mediators from around the world will be selected to compete.


Online Platform Zoom.

Application Procedure

Universities can apply for one or both teams (Negotiating Team or Mediator). However, the application and selection process for Negotiating team and Mediators is entirely separate. Each team gets admitted separately. One admission has no influence on the other.

For guidelines- https://lexinfinitum.in/teams/

The last date to register is 30th November 2021

They invite professionals and trained mediators to judge & train the participants. To register as an Expert Assessor, click here: https://lexinfinitum.in/experts/

Registration Fees

International Teams

The Registration Fees for Applicant teams from Institutions outside India are as follows:

  • International Negotiating Team [Two-member team] – $100/- USD
  • International Mediator [One-member team] – $50/- USD
  • No separate fees shall be charged for the Coach registered by the Teams if any.

National Teams

The Registration fees for Applicant Teams from Institutions in India are as follows:

  • National Negotiating Team [Two-member team] – INR 5000/-
  • National Mediator [One-member team] – INR 2500/-
  • No separate fees shall be charged for the Coach registered by the Teams, if any.


Negotiation and Mediation Prizes are as follows:

  • 1st Place – Negotiating Team – Cash Prize of INR 50,000 + Winner’s Trophy+ Award Certificate
  • 2nd Place – Negotiating Team – Cash Prize of INR 20,000 + Trophy Award Certificate
  • 1st Place – Mediator – Cash Prize of INR 25,000 + Winner’s Trophy Award Certificate
  • 2nd Place – Mediator – Cash Prize of INR 10,000 + Trophy Award Certificate

All Teams are entitled to receive digitally signed participation Certificates, which will be sent to all the teams by e-mail. The Winners and Runners Up
will be sent Award Certificates in the same manner.

In addition to the aforementioned, Internship Surprises will be proved to the participants at the discretion of the Expert Assessors based on and solely on
the performance of the participants throughout the duration of the Competition.

Contact Details

 lexinfinitum.vms@gmail.com and  teams.lexinfinitum@gmail.com

WhatsApp Group:






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