The Editorial Board of the Indian Constitutional Law Review (ICLRQ) is accepting original and unpublished manuscripts in the field of constitutional law, administrative law, democratic rights, policy and related issues for publication in the upcoming edition of the Journal.

Submission Guidelines

  • The submissions can be made under any of the following categories: Articles/Research Papers/Case Comments.
  • Word Limit for each Category:
    • Research Papers: 5000-7000 words exclusive of footnotes.
    • Articles: 3000-5000 words exclusive of footnotes.
    • Case Comments: 2500-3000 words exclusive of footnotes.
    • Book Reviews: 1500-2500 words exclusive of footnotes (please note that the book should have been be published within the 2019-2021 duration and must be relevant as of April, 2021).
    • Please note that the word limits are not hardcoded.
  • Co-Authorship, for research papers only, is permitted up to 2 authors.
  • The contributors must adhere to the Bluebook 20th Edition citation format.
  • All Articles & Research Papers must include an abstract of not more than 350 words. Please note that the word limits are not hardcoded.

Formatting Guidelines

  • 1. Title of the Paper – Times New Roman, Size 16, Bold.
  • 2. Sub-Title – Times New Roman, Size 12.
  • 3. Heading 1 – Times New Roman, Size 12, Bold.
  • 4. Heading 2 – Times New Roman, Size 12, Underlined.
  • 5. Heading 3 – Times New Roman, Size 12, Italics.
  • 6. Line Spacing – 1.5.
  • 7. Footnotes – Times New Roman, Size 10, Single Line Spacing.

Submission Process

  • Submissions must be accompanied with details of authors such as title of submission, name of authors, email, phone, college or affiliation, year of study, category of submission in the body of the email or web form.
  • The name of the author(s) or affiliation should NOT appear in the word document containing the final submission.
  • The submissions must be the original work of the Author(s). Any plagiarism will lead to outright rejection.
  • Author(s) are required to send their submissions at or through the web form in a word document format (.doc/.docx).
  • The name of the document must be in the following format- Title of the Submission-Name of the Author.
  • Submission must be made with the Subject of the email as ‘Submission-Edition [] (ICLRQ)’.

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