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Litigation Management:

I. Studying legal notices/ pleadings, plaint and petitions to understand legal disputes. Co-ordinate with concern department’s head to discover relevant facts and documents required for preparing replies and necessary pleadings.

II. Discover, negotiate and appoint suitable lawyers for Co’s litigation arising out at various locations within the state of U.P. & M.P., under the fee schedule and terms and conditions of engagement approved by management.

III. Prepare briefs for explaining legal cases to Co’s advocates. Prepare short notes on disputes for reporting purpose/ giving better understanding of legal cases to Corporate Legal team.

IV. Evaluate legal opinions and available options after discussion with advocates and corporate legal team and accordingly prepare strategies to perusing lawsuits at Courts.

V. Review drafts of lawsuits pleadings supplied by Co’s advocates to ensure that all required factual representations have been incorporated under the petitions/ replies,

VI. Confirm law suit pleadings after finalization by swearing affidavits on behalf of company required in support for onwards submission before Court of Law.

VII. Liaising/ regular follow-up with Co’s advocates to ensure proper movement of legal cases. Ensure necessary support to Co’s lawyers regarding documents, facts etc.

VIII. Prepare strategies for fruitful statements/ evidences at court to ensure favorable judgment in Civil/ Criminal cases.

Advisory and legal support to internal functions/ departments:

Advisory and legal support to internal functions/ departments i.e. :-

I. Security – Preparing FIRs to police pertaining to incidence of theft/ assault/ breach of security etc.

–    Assist and extend support to security personals/ Co’s officials to deal with court summons for witness/ statements in trials proceedings at Criminal Court.

– Extend legal support to security team for taking delivery of Co’s stolen goods seized by police during investigation on FIRs.

II. Administration – Preparing representation as and when requested for obtaining various clearances/ permissions/ NOCs from various government agencies/ departments.

III. HR – Drat/ Review disciplinary actions related letters/ charge sheets and correspondences with labour authorities.

– Attend mediation meetings called by labour authorities to amicably resolve workmen’s grievances against management.

– Organizing departmental enquiries, present management side during departmental enquiries.

– Extend support to deal with labour enforcement officers specially while dealing with complaints under Contract labour Act.

IV. Mines – Prepare drafts of various correspondences/ representations to concern government dept./ agencies under guidance of mines head,.

V. Environment; Drat/ Review letters/ reply to show cause notices served by PCB. Briefing the related notices/ draft replies to corporate legal and obtain consent before onwards submission. Support department to obtain requisite board resolutions/ letter of authority and other details/ information as and when requested.

VI. Electrical: Drat/ Review various letters/ reply, affidavits and other documents on request of electrical dept.

VII. Procurement: Extending support during execution of contracts. Provide help in drafting intimation letters of short closers due to non-performance/ imposition of disciplinary penalties/ recoveries etc.

VIII. Finance: Provide support in preparation and execution of various affidavits to submit to respective authorities.

IX. Support departments to obtain necessary board resolution/ letter of authority etc. from head office legal & secretarial team.

Drafting and Review of documents:

Draft / review various Agreements, MoUs, misc. deeds and documents, affidavits, external letters and representations to concerned government agencies/ regulators etc.

Compliance Management: ‘Complan’ tool administration, Resolution of user’s grivances, User Training:

I. Provide on the desk personal training of uses and applications of ‘Complan’ to every new joining user.

II. Ensure uploading of appropriate proofs of compliances by compliance owners.

III. Monitor & evaluate status of compliances, identify defaulters and regular follow-up with them to ensure updation of due compliance.

IV. Take care of typical pain points, resolution / escalation of ‘complan’ user’s grievances to Head Office Team for solutions, follow-up.

Critical Document Management; Safe keeping, Tracking and archival / retrieval of documents:

I. Keep updated digital Index and log book along with scanned images of all ‘safely kept’ critical documents on shared server location.

II. Keep watch on periodical renewal of critical licences, certificates, consents and permissions and follow-up with concern department in this connection, as and when needful.

III. Facilitate annual internal audit/ review of Critical Document’s safe keeping

Prepare/ Keep updated legal cases files and Cases Status Reports (MIS):

I. Prepare/ maintain legal cases files for each and every legal case by/ against the Company.

II. Prepare and forword updated monthly/ quarterly Legal Cases Status Reports showing every details of legal issued pending on date, to corporate Head-Legal.

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