An internship is an opportunity for a student to secure first hand and practical work experience under the guidance of a qualified and experienced Supervisor/Mentor. It also aims at active participation in the learning process through experimentation and putting into practice the knowledge acquired in the classrooms. Gujarat Maritime University (GMU), an endeavour by Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB), the state regulator for the ports and maritime activities in Gujarat. The University has been conceived by visionaries to address the burgeoning need of skilled the workforce in the ever-changing dynamics of the maritime sector.

The University has commenced its academic journey from 2019 with the establishment of its first School – School of Maritime Law, Policy & Administration (SMLPA), which offers LL.M and Post Graduate Diploma programmes in Maritime Law and International Trade Law. In pursuit of creating an institution of global standards, GMU has collaborated with internationally prominent institutions like Erasmus University, STC International and many more such alliances shall be forged in time to come. For the larger benefit of the student community and with a view to enrich the quality of research on maritime law in India, the Gujarat Maritime University has decided to notify these “Internship Guidelines”, to provide a framework for engagement of Interns for a period of 6 months.


Must be a Law graduate from recognized universities


Law student pursuing 5 year law course from recognized universities and are in their 4th/5th year.


ii) Law student pursuing 3 year law course from recognized universities and are in their 3rd year.

Applicants having exposure in the area of intended internship with good academic background and having higher qualification, based on need shall be given preference.


The Applicant may be asked to undertake tasks that will involving assisting with research projects or initiatives in public engagement. While the university shall attempt to account for the interests expressed by the interns, the university reserves the right to allocate tasks as it deems fit as per its requirements. All members of the university undertake administrative duties and therefore interns will also be expected to assist in administrative matters. The present is an online internship and the Interns will be required to observe the working hours of the university and work by logging in from home.


Internship will be for 6 months. The internship may be extendable depending on the performance of the applicant and subject to the requirement of Gujarat Maritime University. The area of Internship is as follows:-

Area for InternshipSlots
Admiralty Law2


Application Process: Interested applicants must send the following information to info@gmu.edu.in with Cc to abhay-smlpa@gmu.edu.in on or before 14th September 2020

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover Letter indicating the programme enrolled in, current year of study, name of the university and the exact dates of the internship.
  • Statement of Purpose of not more than 500 words explaining their interest in interning with the Centre.
  • Shortlisted Applicants will be called for an online interview and final selection will be made after the online interview.

We shall endeavour to inform selected candidates at least 1 weeks before the commencement of the internship. Only successful applicants will be contacted and if you do not hear from us within 30 days of submitting your application, please assume that your application has not been successful.


  • The Interns will be shortlisted and selected by the respective organisations/Groups/Divisions for their concerned domain.
  • For selection of interns, online Interview, may be conducted, if deemed necessary. No TA / DA shall be paid to candidates for attending the personal interview.
  • Selected candidates will be informed.


The  Intern  appointed  by  the  University shall observe the following Code of Conduct, which shall include but not be limited to, the following:

  • The Intern shall follow the rules and regulations, which are in general applicable to employees of the University.
  • The Intern shall follow the confidentiality protocol of the University and shall not reveal to any person or organization confidential information relating to the University.
  • The Intern shall not claim any intellectual property right, of work done at the University and has to strictly maintain the confidentiality of University’s intellectual property. Any violation/infringement will be viewed adversely against the Intern as well as the institution to which he/she belongs and may invite appropriate action.
  • The students and the Sponsoring Institution concerned shall have no claim whatsoever on the results of the project work. The University retains all intellectual property rights in patents, designs, software copyright (source code) and publications, if any, that may be generated during the course of project work.
  • Interns may, with the prior permission of the University, present their work to academic bodies and at seminars/conferences. However, even for this purpose information that is confidential to the University cannot be revealed under any circumstances.
  • Any papers and documents written and/or published by the Intern should carry the caveat that the views are the personal views of the Intern and do not represent or reflect the views of the University.
  • Interns will follow the advice given to them by the University regarding representations to third parties.
  • In general, an Intern may not interact with or represent the University vis- à-vis third parties. However, some Interns may specifically be authorized to interact with third parties on behalf of the University depending on the nature of their roles and responsibilities.
  • No Intern shall interact with or represent the University to the media (print and electronic).
  • Interns will conduct themselves professionally in their relationship with the University and the public in general.
  • Interns are required report to the University online and shall remain active from 09.00 am to 05.30 pm, unless otherwise permitted by the Supervisor/Mentor through email.
  • In the event of unsatisfactory performance, the concerned Intern may be advised by the University to discontinue the project work, before the completion of the term of internship.


  • Every batch of Interns or individual Interns, as the case may be, will have a Supervisor/Mentor from the University.
  • The internship is neither an employment nor an assurance of an employment with the University.


  • Work plans and work schedules shall be developed by Supervisor/Mentor and the Interns shall invariably adhere to the same.
  • The Interns will be required to submit a Report on the work undertaken at the end of the internship to this University.
  • The project report prepared for the Sponsoring Institution in which the Intern is enrolled and for the University is required to be identical in all respects.


Interns will be paid a stipend of Rs 10,000 per month (Rupees Ten Thousand Only), subject to satisfactory performance, duly certified by his Supervisor/Mentor.


Certificates will be issued by the University to the Interns on the completion of internship and submission of Report duly countersigned and accepted by the Competent Authority.


  • The University may disengage an Intern if the University is of the view that the services of the Intern are no more required.
  • The University may terminate the services of the Intern at any time without assigning any reasons and with immediate effect.
  • If the Intern decides to disengage from the University, he should provide 2 weeks’ prior notice.
  • Up on termination, the Intern must hand over to the University, any papers, equipments or other assets which might have been given to the Intern by the University in course of his project work with the University.

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