EVENT: Call for paper
IMPORTANT DATES: Last Date for Submission is 13th May 2020

• Between 4500-6000 words
•Case Notes/Legislative Comments/Book Reviews: Between 1500-4000 Words
•Word limits are exclusive of footnotes. The Journal is flexible with respect to the word count of the submissions, subject to the discretion of the Editorial Board and quality of submission.
•Co-authorship is permissible up to two authors.
•All papers must adhere to the formatting and submission guidelines. Failure to do will result in rejection of the paper.

Submissions must be mailed to gnluslr@gnlu.ac.in with the subject “GNLUSLR Volume II – Submission”.

NOTE In case of any queries, feel free to contact the Editorial Board of
Journal at gnluslr@gnlu.ac.in

Click on the link below to read volume-I ?


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