EVENT: E-Conference
ORGANISER: Geeta Institute of Law, KUK
ELIGIBILITY: Academicians, Legal Scholars, Professionals and Students
THEME: Contemporary Issues in Indian Legal System
•Recent developments in Indian Constitutional Law
•Indian Citizenship Law
•Constitutional Morality and Indian Constitution
•Hate Speech Laws in India
•Death Penalty and Women’s Safety
•Increasing Crime in Society and Absence of Timely Response
•Need to revisit rights of Victims
•Human Rights of Victims & Accused
•Increasing Communal Violence and State
•Tribal Rights in Modern India
•Cybersecurity and Globalization
• Industrial and Environmental Issues
•Emerging Issues in Intellectual Property Rights in India


  1. Submission of Abstract: 15th May 2020
  2. Confirmation of Abstract: 18th May 2020
  3. Last date of Registration & Fees: 25th May 2020
  4. Submission of Full Paper: 20th June 2020
  5. International E-Conference/Online Presentation: 25th June 2020

REGISTRATION : click the link given below


Faculty Conveners
Ms. Neelam (Assistant Professor), Geeta Institute of Law
Mr. Divyanshu Chaudhary (Assistant Professor), Geeta Institute of Law
Student Coordinators
Ms. Riya Kaushik: 8221803211
Mr. Rishabh Jain: 8295237773
Email: crigil@geeta.edu.in
Contact Number: 9991118639

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