The Administrative and general supervision committee of Delhi High Court headed by Chief Justice D N Patel, have planned to proceed the Court operations from September 1.

An order has been passed related to the functioning of Delhi High Court where the functioning of the Court has been suspended till 31.03.2020 due to the increase in the spread of the Coronavirus Disease among the people. Other than that all the benches of Delhi High Court may function through Video Conferencing. It is to be noted that earlier the Delhi High Court suspended it’s functioning till August 14.  The pending matters listed from  August 17 to  August 31, before the High Court Of Delhi except the Court of Registrars/Sub-Registrars, were adjourned to the dates from October 9 to October 31. 

The Order also mentioned that “The Court of Registrars & Joint Registrars may take up matters through Video Conferencing. The evidence should be recorded in ex-parte and the uncontested matters are to be tendered by affidavit.” According to the Order, the Courts are said not to pass any adverse orders because of Virtual mode and this will be followed till the Physical functioning of the courts.

The Committee has said that it is planning for physical reopen of the courts from September 1 after the complete availability of Public Transportation throughout the state and also based on situation in Delhi, whether it is advisable or not.

Order issued by Mr.Manoj Jain stated that physical functioning of the courts would resume, where only one-fourth of the court would work, as it would be done on an experimental basis, and the virtual mode would continue as such. The Order also mentioned that a  comprehensive plan will be prepared by the Registrar General and placed before the ‘Committee for Preparation of Graded Action Plan’ and thereafter, before the full Court for consideration.

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