About CPAProject

The Criminal Justice and Police Accountability Project (CPAProject) is an intervention focused on the criminalization of certain communities by the Police, the criminal justice system and on decarceration.

The project is a litigation-research based intervention based in Bhopal, working in specific locations, and with particular communities across the State of Madhya Pradesh. The communities include those previously officially criminalized under colonial laws, now classified as Denotified Tribal (DNT) Communities as well as other communities that are similarly persecuted by the criminal justice system.

About the Discussion

The CPAProject is organizing a panel discussion on the theme:

Policing During the Lockdown: Of Discretion, Violence and Systemic Marginalization in our Criminal Justice System

The project aims to highlight the use of criminal law resulting in the ill-treatment of incapacitated communities through the report, ‘Countermapping Pandemic Policing: Sanctioned Violence in Madhya Pradesh’.


  • Advocate Nithya Ramakrishnan
  • Advocate Disha Wadekar
  • Data Researcher Srinivas Kodali


Journalist Sukanya Shantha

Date and Time

Date: September 26, 2020

Time: 4:30 PM


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