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Report by Sanya Luthra

The case Keshaw sanyasi gawo shewasharam vs Govt of NCT, New Delhi and Anr was filed by the petitioner as the result of a public notice issued by the Welfares Department which directs the petitioner to empty the slum area in which he is running a Gaushala for 15 years.


The petitioner-Keshaw Sanyasi Gawo Shewasharam is running a Gaushala or a cow shelter for 15 years and it is a registered trust according to him and then on 23rd Jan an eviction notice is being issued by the Public Welfare Department where they are asking to empty the slum area where the cow shelter is situated within fifteen days of the notice.


It was said by the petitioner that he is running the cow shelter for 15 years, electricity is installed by him and even an Aadhar card has been issued concerning the said premises only. As he is staying there for 15 years he demands the legal right for the same, also he mentions that impugned notices have been issued without any show cause notice or without providing any hearing to the petitioner.


It was said by the defendant that the petitioner Jhuggi doesn’t comes under the notified clusters which are 675 and 82 in number and they also rely on the court’s order to demolish the jhuggi and now they are of opinion that unless the jhuggi clusters are not duly notified, stay on demolition would not be feasible.


The court held that the petitioner cannot be granted relief and also said that the clusters that are not identified by the DUSIB would not be open for rehabilitation also asked the respondent to give an alternate place to the petitioner within a week and to also give some time to the petitioner to shift to another place while cows to be moved to alternate cow shelter.

READ FULL JUDGEMENT: https://bit.ly/3K2jv8P

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