Justice Sanjay Yadav took oath as Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court on 13th June demitted office on Friday. It was the shortest tenure of Chief Justice in the history of the High Court. He discharged his duty as head of the state judiciary for 13 days. Earlier to Justice Yadav Justice Kamal Narain Singh had the shortest tenure of 17 days, from November 25 to December 12, 1991, and Justice Y V Chandrachud had the longest tenure as CJI.

The reason behind his short tenure is that according to the rule a Chief Justice can serve only up to the age of 62 years and as Justice Sanjay Yadav had turned 62 years he had retired. Before being appointed as Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court he used to serve in Madhya Pradesh High Court. He has also served as Judge of the Allahabad High Court and Madhya Pradesh High Court.

During his tenure in the biggest High Court in India the duties and growth made by him in the matters such as Suo motu COVID-19 proceedings, the dignified burial of unidentified bodies near Ganga, Petitions challenging the validity of anti-conversion law.


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