COVID-Sahyog is the social initiative, started by Students of NLU Jodhpur, in these challenging times. More than 1000 dedicated volunteers are working across 25 States of India and providing relief to the most affected person.

With the crisis unfolding and the flooding of the crisis of oxygen beds & hospitals, the initiative is trying to put best to save lives.

Why do COVID-Sahyog need you?

As the crisis is becoming deeper & unfolding, COVID-Sahyog is trying to work on a 24 hours basis. Like many volunteers, COVID-Sahyog has across the states, as much the task would be easier. The work profile would be coordinating with the patients, hospital medical shops & other authorities & putting the verified resources in the chain.  The volunteers would be creating the resources, verifying them, and putting them on social media.

COVID-Sahyog is also looking for people who can manage with the team on a micro and regional basis. Please contact us on undersigned for this.

COVID-Sahyog would be giving you flexible time slots and they would do all to take care of you too.

How to Apply?

For Volunteer: Register here.

Contact Information

Himanshu Ranjan: 8051980868

Namrata Jeph: 8619645372

Visit us for more such opportunities:

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