About the Organizers

After the historic bill introduced by the Government of India and concerns raised by various experts, Indian National Association of Legal Professionals (INALP) with its Student’s Division, associated experts and parliamentarians plans to constructively discuss and deliberate on the bill. INALP then will formulate a collective recommendation with various organizations, experts and other stake holders aiming at the best data protection bill being formulated by our government.

Call for Recommendations

Law Students across the country are invited to send recommendations on Personal Data Protection Bill with direct references to sections & clauses. Students are requested to evolve or rediscover jurisprudence on privacy laws too. These recommendations will be collected via consultation events in major cities associating with various law schools & organizations. Final Deliberation Event with experts and students will be organized in Delhi preferably in the parliament where the recommendations will be discussed and then represented to the government.

Background of Bill 

The historic nine-judge bench delivered Judgement also called “Privacy Judgement” on 24th August 2017 which recognized ‘Right to Privacy’ a fundamental right. This judgment pressed on the needs of a law on privacy & data protection. After a draft circulated in 2018 the ‘Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019’ was introduced in Lok Sabha by the Minister of Electronics and Information Technology, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, on December 11, 2019.

The Bill seeks to provide for the protection of personal data of individuals and establishes a Data Protection Authority for the same which was drafted by Justice B. N. Srikrishna Committee. The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018 was taken down last year after the concerns raised by stakeholders like Google, Facebook, CISCO, Master Card, Amazon, Twitter, etc.

Now on 23rd January, Gov. Of India has set up a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) headed by Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi for the examination and report of the Bill. This JPC is taking suggestions and recommendations from the stakeholders. INALP will call for a final deliberation in Delhi and collate all recommendations to be sent.


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Submission Format

Font Size- 14
Font Type- Times New Roman

All recommendations should be with a Sub-Title/Header so that the sampler should be able to identify the subject matter of your recommendation. Submitted recommendation should not be more than 800 words that too with direct references to section & clause of the bill. Footnotes should be acknowledged with ‘List of Sources’ as well.


  All accepted recommendations will receive a ‘Letter of Appreciation’ by a parliamentarian or Senior Advocate.

 The best 8 recommendations will be recognized and called to speak with subject-matter experts during the final deliberation event in Delhi.

Important Dates 

Last Day for Submission: 10th February 2020
Announcement of Best 8 Recommendations: 2nd Week of February, 2020 in the final deliberation.
Delhi Event: 2nd Week of February, 2020.


For Queries regarding submissions – Shruti Gupta/+918360870921 and sg000032@gmail.com.
For organizing this consultation in your city/law school – Abhay Pachauri/+918477063363 and abhaypachaury@gmail.com


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