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About the Seminar

The development of sports as a tool of entrainment for the human beings has age old history. However, in the contemporary era, apart from being a popular en­trainment activity, it has the importance of various kinds. Many are rele­vant for education, health – physical and mental.

It is a tool of integration and tolerance open to all, regardless of age, language, religion, culture, and provides the opportunity to play by commonly agreed on rules with fairness in success and failure. Such entrainment activity has been coupled with huge commercial value.

Such commercial value has brought various unethical, illegal, and unfair practices including from the spectators. Competitive sports lead to categoriza­tion, ranking, and distinguishing people based on physical attributes eventually creating a stigma.

To understand the commercial value, international sporting events account for more than 3% of the world trade. In the EU, it accounts for 3.7% of the combined GNP of 27-member states of Europe. In India, sports-relat­ed activities contribute approximately 12% to the annual GDP growth.

To regulate these issues, Sports Law as a new sphere emerged in­ternationally and domestically. The entire ecosystem encompasses regulations relating to anti-discrimination, anti-doping, sports federations, taxations, med­ical protocols, and dispute settlement. 


  • Role of CAS, WADA, and NADO in ensuring a doping-free sport
  • International trends to curb sporting frauds: Regulatory Structure, Criminal Law and Courts.
  • Unregulated Sports Betting and Lottery Operators Perspective
  • Future of Gambling in Professional Sports
  • Global Impact of Counterfeiting Sporting Goods and Sports Wear
  • Sports and IPR
  • Sports Trademarks, Special Protection of Olympic Properties, and Ambush Marketing
  • Sports & Competition Law
  • Sports as freedom of speech and expression
  • Personality Rights and Sports Laws
  • Gender Discrimination in Sports
  • Impact of Sports on Society & Culture
  • Dispute Settlement in Sports
  • Courts vis-à-vis Sports Governing Bodies
  • Standard of evidence in Sports Law
  • Regulatory Bodies in Sports and Challenges
  • International Governance of Individual Sports
  • Contemporary Challenges of Student-Athletes & the Legislative Vacuum
  • Standardized Economic Value in Sports
  • Employment Law and Sports
  • International Employment Contracts in Sports
  • Lex sportiva and Lex ludica
  • Media Rights and the Exclusivity of Sports Broadcasts

Platform for Presentation

The conference shall be held online.


Research papers are invited from academicians, industry experts, students of law or those related to the field.

Submission Guidelines

  • Paper should be in English, MS word, Times New Roman font, font size 12, Line spacing 1.5.   Abstract: – not more than 250 words ; Paper : – not more than 2500 words.
  • Participants / Paper Presenters have to register after the acceptance of abstract with payment of required fees to participate in the conference.
  • Abstracts should be based only on the suggested themes for the conference and allied themes.
  • Maximum 2 authors can be permitted as Co-authors.
  • Each Co-author has to register separately, wherein both have to pay registration fee separately .
  • Abstract and full paper can be submitted through email at conference.pil@paruluniversity.ac.in.

Publication Opportunity

Selected papers accepted from the conference shall be published in the form of conference proceedings, subject to passing the required blind peer review committee approval and plagiarism check.

How to Register?

Interested participants can register for the conference through this link.

Registration Fees (inclusive of entry to all technical sessions and certificates)

  • For Students (Undergraduate / Post Graduate): Rs. 250/-
  • For Academicians, Professionals & Research Scholars: Rs. 500/-

Important Dates

  • Last date of abstract submission: 20th March, 2022
  • Last date of paper submission: 2nd April, 2022


Contact details

Mail at: seminar.pil@paruluniversity.ac.in

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