The Centre for Competition Law and Policy (“CCLP”), NLU Jodhpur,is pleased to invite submissions for Volume VI Issue II of Indian Competition Law Review (“ICLR”).

About the College

The University has developed a holistic approach towards understanding law and justice from a multi-disciplinary perspective. The University offers unique five year integrated undergraduate programs i.e. B.B.A., LL.B.(Hons.); B.A., LL.B.(Hons.); to generate especially skilled global legal professionals. These integrated programs offer highly comprehensive and demanding honors courses in multiple facets of law such as Constitutional Law, Business Law, Trade Law, International Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Administrative Law, Intellectual Property Law. The University’s one year LL.M. programs in Corporate Laws, IPR and Technology Laws aim to harness young talent for reaching the pinnacle of legal perfection. The University also offers LL.D. and Ph.D. programs for students who prefer to specialize in a subject and gain a deeper insight.


Changing contours of market regulation – what lies ahead of the big antitrust investigation.


  1. Navigating antitrust issues in digital markets – Regulating anti-competitive conduct of AI, intermediaries, OTT platforms.
  2. Blockchain and competition regulation – Demystifying the anti-competitive nature of smart contracts.
  3. Analyzing the relevance of non-price factors in determining the abuse of dominance by the CCI.
  4. Competition issues in the e-commerce sector – Regulating gatekeeping, unfair contractual terms and exclusive agreements.
  5. Intersection of competition law with other areas of law – navigating concurrence or any potential conflicts.
  6. Way forward for anti-trust enforcement in India – Key takeaways and comparative analysis of the Indian anti-trust regime with respect to foreign jurisdictions

The last date for submission of manuscripts is September 15, 2021. Subject to the outcome of the review process, the manuscript will feature in the upcoming Issue which is scheduled for publication in November, 2021.

Eligibility and Word Limit

  1. The submissions must be on any theme related to competition law.
  2. The manuscript may be co-authored by a maximum of two authors.
  3. The Journal accepts the following kinds of submissions:
    • Articles – 5,000 to 10,000 words.
    • Short notes – 2,500 to 5,000 words.
    • Case Comments – 1,500 to 2,500 words

These word counts are exclusive of footnotes. The Editorial Board reserves the right to increase or relax the word limit, depending on the quality of the submission.


  1. The mail bearing the manuscript must declare, in its body, the category for which the submission is made for, i.e. article/short notes/case comment.
  2. The body of the manuscript should be in Times New Roman, font size 12 with 1.5 line spacing. The footnotes should be in Times New Roman, font size 10 with single line spacing.
  3. The manuscripts should be properly footnoted wherever sources are being used. The use of endnotes, hyperlinks, etc. is strictly prohibited. Further, no speaking footnotes (descriptive footnotes) are allowed.
  4. All the sources in the footnotes must conform to the Oxford University Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA) 4th ed. style of citation.
  5. The manuscripts must be preceded by an abstract of not more than 250 words.
  6. The manuscript must not contain any reference to the author’s name, affiliation or credentials.
  7. All manuscripts must be accompanied by a cover letter with the name(s) of the author(s), institution/affiliation, the title of the manuscript, and contact details. The author must also confirm in the cover letter that the manuscript is not being considered for publication elsewhere.
  8. The manuscript must be an original and unpublished work.
  9. If necessary, ICLR may request the author to provide a printed copy of the manuscript, in addition to the electronic copy.

Editorial Policy

  1. The submission indicates the Author(s)’ acceptance to the following conditions:
  2. The ICLR follows three stages of blind peer-review procedure and shall endeavor to keep the authors informed about the status of their manuscript as it goes through each stage of review.
  3. ICLR retains complete discretion over acceptance/rejection of manuscripts. The Editorial Board of ICLR shall not entertain requests for advance decisions based on abstracts, topic proposals or outlines. Editorial decisions shall be based solely on review of the final manuscripts submitted by the authors.
  4. Post-review, manuscripts may be returned to the authors with suggestions related to substance and/or style. Acceptance of a manuscript for publication shall be made contingent on incorporation of such suggestions.
  5. ICLR reserves the right to request copies of any resources or authorities cited in the manuscript.

Deadline & Submission Procedure

  1. The last date for submission of manuscripts is September 15, 2021. Subject to the outcome of the review process, the manuscript will feature in the upcoming Issue which is scheduled for publication in November, 2021.
  2. All manuscripts must be sent through email and addressed to the Editor-in-Chief at
  3. The subject of the email should be titled – “Volume VI(1)_ICLR Submission_Name of the Author(s)”.
  4. The name of the document must be in the following format – “Name of the Author(s) – Title of Submission”.
  5. The Authors are advised to send only one submission per author or a team of co-authors.
  6. The manuscript must be submitted in a Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) format only.

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