Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University is organizing a national seminar and call for papers.


Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University is a premier educational institution situated at NYAYAPRASTHA Sabbavaram 30 kilometers from Visakhapatnam the City of Destiny.

C-IPR to become the beacon in the field of Intellectual Property Rights by encouraging synthesis of knowledge and best practices cutting across academia, practitioners and research fraternity.


  • Legal Protection of IPR in Civil Aviation
  • Anti-Trust Issues With Respect To Frequent Flyer Programs And Code-Sharing Agreements That Persist In The Aviation Industry: Developing Countries Perspective
  • Anti-Hijacking policy of India – Its constitutionality and safety standards of India.
  • Air route development: A survey of current practice and participation of the nations.
  • Airlines Liability in India with respect to carriage of cargo.
  • Heli taxis are a myth or truth in Indian skies – a comparative analysis with other countries.
  • Procedures of Air crash accident investigation and the relevant convention or rules.
  • Product liability of the Aircraft manufacturing companies in Aviation.
  • Regional Developments through Aviation in India: creation of new regional private or public private partnership airports.
  • Regulation of ground handling aviation services in India.
  • Public Health safeguards in the Aviation sector
  • Need of reforming the aviation security and airport security measures in India.
  • Liability clauses in case of loss of baggage or goods, a comparative study with international instruments to that of the Indian law
  • Future of Aviation industry – Global perspective with special reference to India.
  • Cyber-attacks and the aviation industry.
  • A Contractual relationship between airlines and passengers – An analysis of Rights and Liabilities
  • Dispute settlement in the civil aviation sector.
  • Law relating to the mergers & acquisitions in the Civil Aviation Sector.
  • Civil Aviation policies in Tourism Development.
  • Development of the liability legal regime and its impact on India
  • Aviation and Environmental protection: A sustainable development
  • Aviation insurance coverage laws or police


  • Times New Roman with fontsize 12 and line space 1.5,
  • headings to be typed in fontsize 14 bold and footnotesin fontsize 10.
  • The abstract should be of 300-500 words with minimum five key words and must be accompanied by author/authors details.
  • Full paper is between 3000 to 5000 words
  • Research papers for the conference will be mailed to: nsaviation23@dsnlu.ac.in


  • Submission of Abstract: January 25, 2023
  • Submission of Full Paper: February 8, 2023


For further queries contact nsaviation23@dsnlu.ac.in

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