Call for Papers: National Seminar by MVN University and AGISS Research Institute

MVN University and AGISS Research Institute are organizing a one-day National Seminar on “Environmental Law & Policy” in the Month of August/September 2022.


AGISS Research Institute is organizing a one-day National Seminar on “Environmental Law & Policy” in the Month of August/September 2022. The date is yet to be finalized for the same and the same shall be conveyed at the earliest 3 weeks in advance.

The objective of the Seminar is to provide the legal fraternity and academia with a platform where they can present their research and update society with the new developments and reforms taking place in the field of environmental law.


Environmental Law & Policy: Issues and Challenges


  1. Environmental law with respect to cyberspace.
  2. Environmental law with respect to modern technique.
  3. Environmental law and the provision of the Indian Constitution.
  4. Environment pollution and government policies
  5. Environment pollution and health-related issues
  6. Environmental law with respect to Human Rights.
  7. Effectiveness of environmental related laws
  8. International regime on Environmental Law.
  9. Need for Sustainable Development
  10. Nuclear energy & Environmental Law.
  11. Effect of COVID-19 pandemic on environment & environmental law.
  12. Intellectual Property & the environment
  13. Environment & Judiciary
  14. Effectiveness of criminal and civil laws for the environment.
  15. Impact of global warming on nature and wildlife
  16. Effect of water pollution on aquatic life.
  17. Climate Change
  18. Air Pollution
  19. Protection of Oceans
  20. Access to Water
  21. Merging of Rivers
  22. River Tribunals in India
  23. Forests
  24. Biodiversity
  25. Sustainable Development
  26. Human Rights and Environment
  27. Protection of Environment in Armed Conflicts
  28. Environment and Indigenous Peoples
  29. Green Energy
  30. Waste Management
  31. International Trade and Environmental Protection
  32. Conventional Crimes of pollution
  33. Trade-related environmental crimes including smuggling of certain chemicals and Wild Life Products
  34. Pollution and Crime arising out of Improper disposal of Waste
  35. Forest and Wildlife-related Crimes
  36. Polluting Oceans and Marine Resources
  37. Polluting Air and Outer space
  38. Falsifying data pertaining to environmental regulations
  39. Intergenerational responsibility, youth, and the environment
  40. Trusteeship of the Earth
  41. Ecosystems in the Indian Ocean region and climate vulnerability


  • Kindly do not submit the same paper to any journals/conferences/seminars etc.
  • The submission must be the original work of the authors i.e., shouldn’t be plagiarized and also should be free from grammatical, spelling, and other errors. It must also not contain any defamatory words.
  • The author is required to include the declaration form stating that his work is original and hasn’t been published anywhere.
  • Submission must be accompanied by an abstract of 300-500 words and author(s) affiliation with a minimum of 5 keywords. No Paper will be accepted without an abstract.
  • Author’s Info to be attached
  • Name of the Author(s)
  • Qualification
  • Name of the Institution/Organization
  • Email Id & Phone Number
  • The submission should be made in .doc/.docx/ format only.
  • Co-authorship is allowed for up to a maximum of three (3) persons.
  • Indian Law Institutes (ILI) rule of footnoting and citation style should strictly be followed in the submissions, non-compliance to which will lead to it being summarily rejected.
  • The word limit for research papers is 2500 – 6000 words (maximum, excluding footnotes)
  • The body of the paper should be in Times New Roman, with font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing. Footnotes should be in Times New Roman, size 10 with single line spacing.
  • Page borders should not be used.
  • The email should entail the following:
  • Abstract (without the author’s details).
  • Cover Letter [with the name(s), institutional affiliation(s), and contact details of the author(s)].
  • Abstracts & research papers should strictly be submitted at Google Form Link. Notification of the selection of abstracts shall be sent to the participants two-three days from the submission of abstracts


  • Best Paper Award: Certificate of Merit + INR 5,000 /-
  • Best Paper Award (Student): Certificate of Merit + INR 2,000 /-
  • Best 2 Presentation: Certificate of Merit + INR 1,000 /-
  • Best 2 Presentation (Student): Certificate of Merit + INR 1,000 /-


  • The Last date for Abstract Submission: August 20, 2022.
  • Final notification of selected abstracts: within 48 hrs of abstract submission
  • Last date of Registration: August 15, 2022.
  • The Last date for Submission of the full paper: October 31, 2022


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