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About Faculty of Law, Mangalayatan University, Jabalpur (M.P.)

Mangalayatan University Jabalpur is established by the Gazette notification of the Madhya Pradesh Government and approved by the UGC under 2(f) of the UGC Act. Being the first private university of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The University has established itself as a pioneer institute of higher education within the Mahakaushal region. Apart from educational activities, the University is also associated with various social welfare and extension activities.

The Faculty of law at Mangalayatan University has been established with the objective of teaching and training industry-ready Law graduates. The courses under the Faculty of Law are approved by the Bar Council of India and the University Grant Commission. The Faculty of Law has commenced its first academic session in the year 2021 and in a short span of time, it has established itself as a pioneer institute of legal education in the Mahakaushal region. The University offers graduate, post-graduate, and doctoral study in Law. 

About the Conference 

Insurgency within the country has been a content of discord for many States for ages. India is facing armed conflicts within its boundaries for decades and history narrates that it has only grown to the extent of horrendous contours. Insurgency is a global phenomenon in modern-day politics around the world. Politics has a greater role in pacifying the damage done to these people but it has failed in mitigating the damage and restitution of the loss.

In developing nations of the world especially South Asian and African countries, armed conflict or armed rebellion can be identified as the biggest roadblock in implementing welfare and developmental policies. Insurgency not only creates a problem for the innocent citizenry but also creates a void of opportunities for militant groups as well. Armed rebellions are often categorized as demonic and anti-social groups engaged in violence to assert their human rights, but the past has shown that it has been no good to the already deprived and marginalised group of individuals. 

Currently, India is facing an insurgency in Northern, North-eastern, Central, and Southern States where the militant groups are in direct conflict with the government. There are varied reasons throughout India for the growth of militancy but deprivation and marginalization have played a major role in the evolution of insurgency. These groups have made it difficult for the State to execute and implement welfare activities in the militant affected areas.

The phenomenon of insurgency is leading to major global issues such as hunger, loss of habitat, malnutrition, non-education, and deprivation of their human rights. The state being the parens patrie carries an obligation to protect the rights of its citizen and at the same time, it has to safeguard and find ways to deal with these groups with iron hands.

India has strict legislations such as AFSPA, UAPA & NSA etc., to deal with any kind of anti-national activity under the pretext of insurgency. These legislations are often labelled as draconian and violators of fundamentals rights of the citizens as they provide special powers to the state authorities in dealing with armed rebellions. 

The theme of the conference revolves around the cross-cutting global issues of human rights with reference to the phenomenon of militancy around the world. The theme of the conference primarily focuses on the issues of human rights violation of the militant groups viz a viz the powers of the Armed forces but it is not only limited to the issues of human rights of these groups.

The conference endeavors to initiate a discussion on various issues revolving around human rights across the globe. The theme is further divided into sub-themes covering major human rights issues and attempt to arrive at a holistic understanding through academic discourse.

Objectives of the Conference 

The conference is organized to collaborate with various stakeholders associated with the protection of human rights and combatting the insurgency within the country with a view to providing a brainstorming platform to academicians, research scholars, students and policymakers on the issue of militancy and fundamental rights.

The conference also aims to compile the best scholarly data available on the subject and to disseminate the knowledge acquired from the panel discussions and papers presented among the beneficiaries to enrich them with the nuances of the phenomenon. The conference aims to compile the papers presented at the conference in the form of an edited volume book to be published by “Thomson Reuters.”

Overview of the Conference 

The conference extends over a period of two days with enriching and zealous activities. The first day of the conference is dedicated to plenary sessions/panel discussions. On day first, there will be two plenary sessions of two hours each.

Each session will be chaired by a keynote speaker of international repute along with other speakers of national and international repute. The session will be moderated by an academician having expertise in the issues of human rights. The theme of the session will coincide with the theme of the conference.

On day two there shall be paper presentations before a panel of experts. After the presentations experts will declare the best research paper to be awarded at the valedictory. The outcome of the conference will be published in the form of an edited volume by “Thomson Reuters.”



Call for Papers 

The conference invites papers from academicians, research scholars, students and other stakeholders from the fraternity to submit their research papers in the prescribed format on the below-mentioned sub-themes within the stipulated time. 


Militancy and Human Rights: Issues and Challenges. 


  • Impact of Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA) on Human Rights 
  • Social media and the rise of new forms of militancy 
  • Impact of Anti-Terrorism Law on Human Rights  
  • Human Rights crisis related to children in armed conflict
  • Freedom of Speech and Expression in Militant affected Areas  
  • Human Rights of Women, Children, Migrant Workers, Aged and Disabled 
  • Challenges to Human Rights during Covid-19 

Rules for Submission 

  • An abstract of maximum 500 words indicating the theme of the conference with five keywords shall be submitted beforehand within the stipulated time. 
  • The paper shall consist of 3500 words to 5000 words excluding footnotes and references. (Descriptive footnotes is permitted) 
  • The citation style for the paper is the BLUE BOOK 21st Edition. 
  • Abstract and full paper shall be submitted in soft copy in MS Word. (Font type – Times New Roman, Font Size – Body 12, Heading 14 and footnotes 10 with 1.5 spacing for body and 1 spacing for a footnote) 
  • A separate word file shall be submitted containing the Title, Name of the Author (Co-Author if any), Designation, Email and Contact details. 
  • The author/s shall also submit a declaration stating that the work is original and bonafide. 
  • Only one Co-author is permitted. 
  • The research paper shall be sent to
  • Plagiarism: All the submissions shall be processed through plagiarism detection software “Authenticate” as per the international norms. 

Important Dates 

  • Last Date for Registration: March 25, 2022 
  • Last Date for Submission of Abstract: March 27, 2022 
  • Last date for Submission of Full paper: April 2, 2022 
  • Date of the Conference: April 4-5, 2022  

Prizes and Benefits

  • Publication Opportunity: An edited volume of the selected papers presented in the Conference shall be published with an ISBN no. in Thomson Reuters.
  • Prizes up to Rs. 5,000/- shall be given for the best papers in the Conference. 

How to Register?

Click on the link given-

Registration Fees 

  • Students: Rs. 300/- 
  • Academicians/Research Scholars/Professionals:  Rs.500/- (Single Author) Rs. 750/- (Dual Authors) 
  • International Participants: 10 U.S. Dollars (USD) 

Scan the below-mentioned QR code or use NEFT/RTGS for payment of Registration Fees 

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Account Number50100376542188
A/c HolderMangalayatan University
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Contact details

Mr. Aishwarya Sharma: 7987665953

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