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Jurisperitus: The Law Journal (ISSN 2581-6349) (Indexed) (www.jurisperitus.co.in) is a non-annual peer-reviewed journal founded with the goal of providing a platform to the people of our country and reinforcing the importance and multi-disciplinary approach to law.

This journal is a project of the Legal Education and Awareness Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to delivering legal education and awareness to people in all sections of the country, regardless of social or economic status.

Scientific Indexing Service, Scientific Journal Impact Factor, IJIFactor, Journal Factor, RsearchBib, CiteFactor, Scope, and International Institute of Organized Research all have Jurisperitus indexed. It has an A++ Impact Factor.

Jurisperitus has published over 800 distinct manuscripts in prior editions.

Call for Papers

For Volume 5, Issue 1, Jurisperitus is seeking original and unpublished research papers, short notes, book reviews, and case comments.


Any appropriate theme related to socio-legal aspect is acceptable.


Click on the link to submit

or Email your manuscript to editor@jurisperitus.co.in


  • The manuscript should be typed in Microsoft Word.
  • The manuscript’s title should be appropriate.
  • The manuscript must be unpublished and original.
  • Plagiarism should be avoided, and the submission should be free of grammatical, spelling, and other problems.
  • All authors’ full names must be included.
  • Any standardised citation system can be used.
  • The manuscript’s body should be written in Times New Roman, font size 12, with 1.5 line spacing. Footnotes should be typed in Times New Roman, single line spacing, size 10.
  • The default/normal margins will be used.
  • Page borders are not permitted.

Submission Deadline

Submission Deadline : November 30, 2021


  • Within a week of their paper being accepted and all the formalities being completed, they will receive a soft copy of their certificate of publication.
  • The journal is available in soft copy at www.jurisperitus.co.in.
  • A cash prize of Rs. 10,000/- will be offered to the best paper.

On December 10, 2021, the book will be launched, and authors will be able to download it from the website.

Submission Categories and Word Limits

  • Articles: 3000-5000 words including footnotes
  • Short Notes: 2000-3000 words including footnotes
  • Book Reviews: 1000-2000 words including footnotes
  • Case Commentaries: 1000-3000 words including footnotes

Contact details

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