About the Journal:

Journal for research in law is an E – journal by Anumaarga. Journal for Research in law is started with an aim to promote a culture of scholarly research and academic writing in young professionals by bringing their ideas in form of research papers and articles on subjects of interest to the legal profession and academia.

Call for Submissions:

  • Contributions are welcome from academicians, legal professionals, and research students in the field.
  • The journal will be accepting full-length research and scholarly articles, and legislative/case comments documenting original and substantial research work.
  • The research work may have a doctrinal or empirical approach.
    The submissions will be thoroughly processed through a double-blind peer review system.
  • The journal will be published in form a Magazine.


Submissions are invited on any topic of contemporary relevance in the area of Law, but the papers on abstract ideas will be given preference.

Categories and Word Limit:

Submissions may be in the form of the following categories:

  • Articles: Papers that comprehensively analyses a theme and engage with all the existing literature in it. An article should be in between 3000 to 5000 words Inclusive of footnotes.
  • Essays: Papers that concisely analyses specific contemporary issues in the field of law.
  • It should be between 2000 and 3000 words inclusive of footnotes.

Submission procedure:

  • All submissions are to be made through email only. Submissions are to be emailed at editorialboard.Anumaarga@gmail.com. The receipt of submission shall be acknowledged within 24 hours.
  • The paper should contain an abstract in the beginning of not less than 300 words clearly indicating the idea of your Article/paper/essay.
  • Five keywords are to be provided along with the abstract.
  • Following the abstract should be the title page containing the paper’s title and the authors’ details including the author’s contact details. In the case of co-authorship, details of both the authors are to be given.
  • The rest of the manuscript should not contain any author-identifying information.

Formatting and editorial guidelines:

  • All submissions must be sent as a Microsoft Word document.
  • Please use Times New Roman, font size 12 with 1.5 line spacing for the main body of your piece (except the title). Footnotes must use Times New Roman, font size 10; alignment justified for the entire piece.
  • Footnoting can be done in any uniform method of citation (Bluebook, MLA, SILC, NUJS Law Review, ILI, etc.)
  • All non-English terms and Latin legal phrases need to be italicized.
  • Please avoid underlining or bolding phrases and sentences for emphasis (except for subheading and title).
  • Double quotations must be used only when directly quoting a statement, in other cases, use single quotes. All direct quotes must be referenced for context.
  • Acronyms or short forms (especially non-standard) must be written out in brackete accompanied by their full form.
  • All submissions need to be referenced, especially facts and case laws must not be stranded loosely. Articles with aforesaid irregularity can be sent back despite their potential.
  • Needless to say, plagiarized work will be outrightly refused.

Note: Articles can be resent to the author for rectification and clarification if additional information is required.


  • The last date for submission is 31th March 2021. Submissions sent after the deadline will not be considered for publication.
  • Publication certificate will be given to the Authors of Selected Papers or Articles.

Contact Information:

Email: editorialboard.anumaarga@gmail.com

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