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About the Organiser

GLS Law Journal (GLSLJ) is a bi-annual academic open access law journal. GLSLJ is accepting original and unpublished Research Papers on contemporary legal and social issues for the winter issue. GLSLJ believes in providing a platform for the scholarly to contribute to the analysis of various legal issues and share their viewpoint with the legal fraternity.

Call for Papers

GLSLJ aims to make an effort in identifying the contemporary debatable topics through the writings of the experts in the varied fields of law. The Journal endeavors to encourage the synthesis of knowledge and best practices across academia and research fraternity.

Research is placed at a very high stature in legal field which enhances the understanding level of many and then rolls on the debate that can contribute profoundly by adding to the secondary source of materials for the legal research to follow.

The journal welcomes submissions in the form of Articles and Research Papers from Academicians, Professionals, Research Scholars.


Contemporary Legal and Socio-legal Issues

Who is it for?

Academicians, Professionals, Research Scholars

Submission Guidelines

Original research manuscripts:  Original, outstanding and argumentative contribution to legal study. (5000-6000 words)

Law Reviews: based on a systematic literature review. (4000-3000 words)

Case Comment:  commentary on any important landmark judgment. (3000-2500 words)

Book Review: Academic and literary review of any significant book published related to legal filed. (2500-2000 words)

Invite Editorial: The editors can invite experts to submit an invited article on a featured subject, The Chief Editor decide upon authors and subjects

Style Guideline:

Manuscript format: Manuscript must be in electronic form, all submission must be word processed, single spaced in Times New Roman and the margin parameters of the GLJ are 4.9 cm (top and bottom margins) and 4.5 cm (left and right margins)

  • Main heading in times new Roman with bold face
  • Body text in Times New Roman format with 12 pt.
  • Footnotes in Times New Roman format with 9 pt.
  • Alignment is justified full
  • Line spacing for body text 1.2 pt.
  • Line spacing for footnotes 1pt.

Style Guidelines

Form of Submission: Submissions must be in electronic form. All submissions must be word-processed, single-spaced in Garamond, font size 12 and justified. The prescribed word limits are inclusive of footnotes. However, we do not emphasize on strict compliance with the word count.

Abstract: All submissions must contain an abstract of not more than 250 words describing the relevant conclusions drawn in the paper. There is no requirement of prior submission of the abstract.

Citations:Only footnotes may be used as the form of citations. End notes shall not be accepted. All footnotes must be in Garamond, size 10, single-spacing and justified. The citations are derived from the blue book 20 Citation Style.

Submission Procedure

The submission work is to be emailed at:

Fee Details

No Publication fees

Submission Deadline

December 31, 2022

Contact details

  • Ms. Urvashi Sharma: 9099939491
  • Ms. Sruti Bansal: 9161489770

The submission work is to be emailed at:

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