NUALS: The National University of Advanced Legal Studies [NUALS], established by Act 27 of 2005 of the Kerala State Legislature, is a National Law University in Kochi, India for undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate legal education. NUALS strives to advance and disseminate learning and knowledge of the law, judicial processes and encourages research activities under dedicated Centres of Research.

CCLP: The Centre for Competition Law and Policy [CCLP] is a Centre for Research, set up with the objective to encourage study and research in Competition Law and Policy. It focuses on disseminating ideas and promoting scholarship and research in competition law through a large network of competition professionals such as regulators, academicians, practitioners, industry experts and students.

About the Newsletter:

The Centre for Competition Law and Policy puts forth the Competition Law e-Newsletter to engage the legal community in thought-provoking discussions on various issues which lie connected to competition law. The e-Newsletter, the first of its kind in the field of Competition Law in India, aims to disseminate knowledge relating to the current developments in the field of competition law.

The article section will consist of theoretical and practicality-based essays. The Newsletter would also include Case Summaries of cases from the Competition Commission of India (CCI), the Supreme Court, as well as Anti-Trust cases from the European Commission and the American courts.

Call for Papers:

The Editorial team of the NUALS Competition Law e-Newsletter is inviting original and unpublished manuscripts for the 3rd Volume of the e-Newsletter from academicians, professionals, and law students. All submissions will undergo a thorough review by the Editorial Board and the selected submissions will be published in the e-Newsletter.

Submission Guidelines:

Categories of Submissions

  • Short Articles: 1500 words
  • Long Articles: 2000 -3000 words
  • Case comments: 700 words

The word limit is exclusive of footnotes and is flexible at the discretion ofb the Editorial Board.

General Guidelines

  • All submissions must be made in the electronic form to cclpnewsletter@nuals.ac.in under the subject heading “Submission: The Competition law e-Newsletter”.
  • The body of the mail shall contain details of the author [full name, semester & course (if a student)], university/organization/freelancer (specify) and contact number.
  • Submissions must be made before 15th July 2021.
  • The submissions must be original works and should not have been published or be in consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • All submissions are subject to a plagiarism check, if the work is found to be unoriginal the submission will be rejected. (Maximum plagiarism allowed is 10%.) The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject any work during the review process if it is found to be unoriginal or not meeting the standards set by the editorial board.
  • Co-authorship of a maximum of two people is permitted.
  • Authors should submit a ‘Declaration of Originality’ along with the submissions.
  • The Declaration form can be found here.
  • CCLP reserves all rights over the submissions. 

Formatting Guidelines:

  • All submissions are to be made in .doc/.docx/.odt format. PDF submissions are not accepted.
  • The body of the manuscript must be according to the following specifications:
  • Font – Times New Roman
  • Font size – 12 
  • Line spacing- 1.5
  • Submissions must follow the Bluebook (20th edition) style of citation. Footnotes must be in Times New Roman, font size 10 with single line spacing.

Contact Info:

For any queries or clarifications, reach out to:

  • Prof. Dr. Mini S. (Faculty coordinator)
    e-Mail ID: mini.s@nuals.ac.in
  • Vismay Gorantala (Editor-in-Chief)
    Phone Number: +91 7975239138/ 9481182141
    e-Mail ID: vismaynuals@gmail.com
  • Vallari Dronamraju (Deputy Editor-in-Chief)
    Phone Number: +91 9986481396
    e-Mail ID: vallaridronamraju1388@nuals.ac.in

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