About Centre for Corporate Law Studies, ILNU

The Institute’s Centre for Corporate Law Studies is a project aiming at institutionalising and channelling national and international research on corporate and business-related issues. The Centre aims to provide a vital impetus by instilling in future corporate professionals an attitude of questioning many elements of business and its interaction with society.

About the Journal

The Centre for Corporate Law Studies at Nirma University’s Institute of Law has launched the Centre for Corporate Research Law Publication (CRLJ), an open access, annual, peer-reviewed journal. With advances occurring on a national and worldwide level every hour, the complexities of the corporate world have multiplied.

The globalisation web necessitates that corporate businesses have a comprehensive awareness of the environment, social, and cultural levels in addition to the company and its linked laws. To stay up with this fast-paced period, the Centre has launched a number of projects, including publications, discussions, and regular exchanges.


Academicians, Professionals, legal researchers, and students are eligible to send in their legal write-ups.


Contemporary issues in Financial Laws

The submissions can be in the fore of  Research papers, Short articles, Book Reviews, Essays, Case comments.

Word Limit:

  1. Research Papers: A comprehensive researched essay explaining and analysing major developments or concerns linked to the theme should be included in this category. The author must highlight the shortcomings in present financial law practises and attempt to suggest solutions. An abstract of no more than 200 words should be included with this. The word limit is 5,000–8,000 words for the same.
  2. Short Articles: New thoughts, recent advancements, or any old topic linked to the theme should be discussed in this area. It should be accompanied by a concise abstract of no more than 200 words. The word limit is 3,000-4,000 words for the same.
  3. Book Reviews: This section should include a brief review of the book, written from the author’s perspective. The word limit is 1,000–2,000 words for the same.
  4. Essays: This should address issues that are important to the legal community in the field of financial law. It should be written in a tone and format that the peer audience will understand. The word limit is 2,000–3,000 words for the same.
  5. Case Comments: Include a concise review of the facts, an analysis of the important issues, and a summary of the case’s pertinent findings. The word count for this is between 1,500 and 3,000 words.

Submission Guidelines

The submission must be in MS Word format and must not be sent in any other format. Manuscripts sent in PDF, other formats, or in physical copy will be rejected. Any questions or concerns can be sent to the supplied email address.

  • All works must be unique and unpublished, and they must not be under consideration by another journal. Plagiarism will be checked on all articles submitted. Submissions that are plagiarised will be refused for publication. The authors are required to give full credit to the sources they used.
  • Submissions that are longer over the word limit will be rejected.
  • A maximum of two authors will be allowed to collaborate.
  • All manuscripts must be written in the English language. The wording used must be official and unambiguous, and must adhere to the Journal’s submission requirements, as well as a statement that the work is an original and unpublished work of the authors.
  • All writers’ full names, as well as their designations and phone numbers, must be provided.
  • Submissions should be emailed to centre.corporateresearch@nirmauni.ac.in with the subject line ‘Name CRLJ 2021’.
  • The name of the author(s), contact information, academic qualifications, institutional affiliation, title of the paper, and a statement that the manuscript is an original and previously unpublished work of the author must all be included in the email body.


15th November 2021

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