Army Institute of Law Journal is inviting papers for the Journal of Army Institute of Law [ISSN No: 0975-8208] by September 16, 2022.


Journal of Army Institute of Law [ISSN No: 0975-8208] is a peer-reviewed journal. The journal is published annually. It is listed in UGC Consortium for Academic and Research Ethics (CARE) list. The journal is an endeavour to enhance awareness of contemporary legal issues, engage in multi-disciplinary study, and analyze the various issues that show the dynamism of law.


The submission of papers is open only to Teachers/Academicians/Professionals and PhD. Research Scholars. Only one co-author shall be allowed. Students can be a co-author.


  • The soft copy of the contributions is to be forwarded at
  • All subscriptions and correspondence concerning the Journal should be sent to the Editor: Dr Kirandeep Kaur, Assistant Professor of Law, Army Institute of Law, Mohali.
  • All manuscripts must be accompanied by:
    • A covering letter with the name(s) of the author(s), official designation institution/affiliation, the title of the manuscript and contact information (correspondence address, email, phone number etc).
    • A Certificate that the paper submitted is a piece of original and bonafide research work and has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.
    • Similarity Index Report from recognized Similarity Checker Software (Plagiarism Report).
    • Contributions should be in the English language only and in conformity with AIL’s scheme and style.
    • Electronic submissions should ideally be made in Word Format (doc)/(docx).
    • Text and citation style should strictly conform to the rules of the Indian Law Institute (ILI). This mode of citation must be strictly followed otherwise the paper shall not be considered for publication.
    • No biographical information or references, including the name(s) of the author(s), affiliation(s) and acknowledgements should be included in the text of the manuscript, the name or document properties.
    • All such information may be incorporated in the covering letter accompanying the manuscripts.
  • The Journal encourages the original work of the contributors for publication and plagiarized work will not be considered for publication. The Journal also promotes gender neutrality.
  • The articles in the Journal shall be edited and published according to the orthographical and grammatical rules of Indian English, which is based on British English; thus, submissions in American English will be modified accordingly.
  • In the case of references from websites, the complete URL address, along with the last date of accessing the website should be mentioned.
  • Manuscripts shall be assessed by subjection to Blind Review Procedure. Reviewers shall not be informed of the author’s name, university/institution, designation, or any other personal information.
  • All authors are to certify that the paper submitted is a piece of original and bonafide research work and has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.
  • Copy right of all entries received shall exclusively vest with the Army Institute of Law. The submission of work would imply that the contributor has assigned such rights to AIL on its publication in the journal.
  • Author/s are required to obtain written permission for the use of any copyrighted material in the manuscript and must communicate the same to the Editorial Board. Such material may include tables, charts, graphs etc.
  • Authors are also required to inform the Editorial Board if they have submitted their manuscripts to another law journal and if they have received an offer of publication.
  • In case the article is not published, then the author shall be intimated by the Institute through e-mail and he/she may then send it for publication elsewhere.
  • Mere submission of a contribution shall not confer any claim for publication. The Editorial Board reserves all rights to take the decision to publish the contribution or not. The Board’s decision as regards the interpretation of guidelines or any other matter relating to the publication shall be final.
  • Author/s are requested to verify references and quotations before submitting the manuscripts. The author shall be entitled to one copy of the journal in case of publication. In case there is a co-author, two copies shall be given.
  • Word Limit
    • Article/Research Papers: The word limit is between 4,000 to 6,000 words (including footnotes).
  • Procedure For Acceptance
    • On receipt of the contribution, Constituted Committee shall screen it to satisfy itself about the conformity of the contribution with the AIL conditions and policy for submission of the manuscripts.
    • The screened work shall be assessed by the referees.
    • A contribution recommended by the referee as fit for publication as such or recommended for publication with necessary amendments, if any, shall be considered for publication after the author would submit the amended paper accordingly.
  • The author will be given one week to carry out the changes thus suggested.


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