About the organiser

The Centre For Environmental Law, Research and Action (CELRA), Niti Manthan is committed to ensuring that everyone is equipped to understand the nuances of Environmental law. CELRA examines environmental law and its jurisprudence in India and its scope in the international community and streamlines the process to work towards climate change and sustainability through law and effective policy. We are dedicated to expanding the scope of inclusivity of environmental policy and try ensuring that all stakeholder’s opinions are regarded in its policymaking.

By fostering actionable change and implementation at the grassroots levels, CELRA aims at bridging the gap between academia and actual policy implementation, by creating opportunities for visible change outside the realm of legal research. The time is now for concentrated and individual efforts towards working for global warming, climate policy, energy laws, climate finance, decarbonisation and sustainable development, because “the Earth is what we all have in common.”

For Additional Information: https://www.linkedin.com/company/nm-celra/?originalSubdomain=in

About call for submissions

CELRA is inviting student contributions (750-1000 words) for their upcoming November newsletter titled ‘The Interactions of Agriculture and Climate Change’ on the following themes:

1. Emerging Technologies in Climate Change Mitigation and/or Adaptation and the Impact on Agriculture
2. The Adjacency in Climate Change Policy and Agricultural Policy
3. The Juxtaposition of Agriculture in Developing Countries and Climate Change Mitigation and/or Adaptation

The aforementioned themes are indicative, and students may send in contributions on other topics under the overarching theme as well. In this regard, students are requested to address a specific sub-topic within the theme, and present a well-researched and nuanced contributions.

Uploading guidelines

All contributions must be uploaded through this form. The formatting guidelines are as follows:

1. Font: Times New Roman, Size 12, Black.
2. Structure: Text should be indented and justified.
3. References: All sources should be hyperlinked to the relevant phrases.
4. Headers: The main heading should be underlined, in bold and Font Size 14. All sub-headings should be in bold and Font Size 12.
4. Word Count: 750-1000 words.


All students currently pursuing any degree at any recognised university may send in a contribution. The authors of selected contributions shall be contacted within 10 days of the final deadline. Due to the volume of applications, we shall not be able to contact all those who had provided their contributions. If you are not contacted after two weeks from the final deadline, please consider your contribution as rejected.

Deadline: November 7, 2021 at 11:55pm.

For any queries/concerns, kindly contact nitimanthan.celra@gmail.com.

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