▪︎Research and analysis of the history of sports law in UN Current development of Sports in Un System

▪︎Olympism and Human Rights

▪︎The World of Sports and Politics

▪︎UN on Sports for development of peace UN Securities and Sports Development

▪ UN on Safeguarding Sports from Corruption

▪︎UN against doping in Sports

▪︎UN and IOC: the never-ending Bond

▪ UN on Sports and the Sustainable Development Goals

▪︎Sports and UN’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

▪ International Treaty and Sports Sports as Anti – Terrorism weapon used by UN

▪︎UN Transgender Policies for Athletics Programs The role of the UN and the significance of the Paralympics in today’s world.


Mr. Subhrajit Chanda Asst. Lecturer, JGLS

Mr. Tarun

Asst. Prof. (Research), GNLU

Mr. Pranav Yadav

Mr. Nishant Sheokhand Asst. Dean, Asst. Prof., IFIM Bangalore

Asst. Director FICCI-Sports and Youth Affairs


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