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Journal for Law Students and Researchers [JLSR]  is an Online Journal with ISSN: 2582-306X which is quarterly, Peer Reviewed, published online and JLSR seeks to provide an interactive platform for the publication of Short Articles, Long Articles, Book Reviews, Case Comments, Research Papers, Essays in the field of Law .



  • Circulate the e-posters through email, mailing-list, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Utilize official website and social media to spread awareness amongst students


  1. Certificate of appreciation only if tasks given are fulfilled.
  2. LOR
  3. Free publication in our journal.
  4. Opportunity to intern .


  • The students pursuing three years or five-year law course or any other course from a recognized institution.
  • Any experience in organizing/managing/directing/volunteering with the educational, technical or cultural event (preferably)
  • Send in your up-to-date curriculum vitae at editor.jlsr@gmail.com along with a statement of purpose (in a separate word document with your answers to the following Questions):
  1. Why do you want to be a ‘Campus Ambassador’?
  2. List at least five ways in which you bring awareness or make people know about this journal?

2 months

Contact Info

9136804644/ editor.jlsr@gmail.com

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