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From the beginning, Lawschole has been driven by the interests and involvement of our incredible and engaged law students. We are a growing law-student forum focused on learning, and enhancing the forum experience. We are a great resource, offering opportunities for students to be active in a variety of topics and to engage with each other in an interesting and safe online environment on Lawschole’s Blog. You can check out our free capsule courses in the ‘Courses’ section.  We will be introducing Lawschole’s certificate courses soon, stay updated! Lawschole is a forum where law students can share thoughts, seek opinions and advice, and learn something new from other members of the forum. 

We are currently looking for Campus Ambassadors to:

§  Generate awareness about the Lawschole’s initiatives and it’s various events.

§  Help us to find potential learners to engage and enhance the forum experience.

The Campus Ambassador program is a volunteer position with Lawschole.

Your main objective as a Campus Ambassador is two-fold:

§  To create awareness about Lawschole from your institution.

§  To help us in identifying potential learners who can engage in student interaction.

That essentially means:

§  Helping us facilitate interactive sessions with students in your institution.

§  Ensuring high levels of participation from your college/workplaces.

§  Creating innovative means to have maximum applicants from your institution.

What do you get?

§  Certificate of appreciation from Lawschole.

§  Mentoring and career counselling during the period of engagement.

§  Chance to attend guest lectures and webinars conducted by Lawschole.


Interested students are suggested to send their CV along with the following information at campus.lawschole@gmail.com

Phone Number:
E-mail ID:
College / University:
Batch / Year of Study:

Selected students shall be contacted via email for a telephonic interview. Final Results of the selection will be sent on their respective email id.

Deadline: 15th July 2020

Contact Details

E-mail ID: campus.lawschole@gmail.com

Website link- https://lawschole.wixsite.com/lawschole
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