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The NUALS Law Journal (ISSN Number 2319-8273) is the flagship law review of the National University of Advanced Legal Studies, is a multidisciplinary, double-blind, peer-reviewed journal.

NUALS Law Journal Blog

The NLJB welcomes submissions, on any topic of law of contemporary relevance, from academicians, legal practitioners, students and researchers from the legal community.

Submission Guidelines

  1. All submissions shall be made to nualsljblog@gmail.com with the subject “Submission for NUALS Law Journal Blog”.
  2. By submitting an article, the author undertakes that the article is an original work and has not been submitted, accepted or published elsewhere.  
  3. Co-authorship is allowed for a maximum of two authors. 
  4. Plagiarism will result in summary rejection of the submission.   Length of the article must not exceed 1500 words. 
  5. The content should be written in Times New Roman Font with a size of 12. Line Spacing should be 1.5
  6. The article should be referenced using hyperlinks. In the event that a cited material does not have an online copy or reference, endnotes must be used instead of footnotes. Any endnotes must be in Times New Roman font, with size 10 and line spacing 1.    
  7. All submissions must follow the Bluebook (20th Edition) style of citation; non-conformity will be a ground for rejection.  
  8. Submissions must be made in .doc/.docx formats only.  
  9. Details of the author(s) should not be mentioned in the file containing the article.
  10. Authors must include their full name, institution/organization and a bio not exceeding 50 words.

Contact Details

E-mail ID: nualsljblog[at]gmail.com

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