About the Institution

The National Law School of India University is an institution of legal education focusing on legal and policy education in India at the undergraduate and graduate level.


The NLS Business Law Review intends to recognise and foster academic research and scholarship in commercial law by examining the myriad regulatory frameworks, domestic or international, that impact doing business in India or globally. We particularly welcome submissions applying comparative international perspectives. The mandate of the NLS Business Law Review thus, inter alia, includes company law, securities and capital markets regulation, banking and finance, taxation, foreign investment, competition law, commercial dispute resolution, contract and commercial law, and employment law.

Submission Guidelines for BLOG

The NLSBLR Blog invites contributions in the following categories –

  1. Responses to articles in the print journal or previous articles published in the NLSBLR
  2. Comments on contemporary legal developments
  3. Articles on topics of with respect to ease of doing business in India
  4. Book reviews engaging with recent literary works.

Please note that this is an inclusive list and we would be happy to publish other pieces as long as they fall within our mandate specified above.


Articles for the blog must be between 1,000-2,500 words and the relevant citations must be hyperlinked. All contributions must be made in a .doc or .docx format. The contributions must necessarily be accompanied with a subtitle and the author’s byline of not more than 50 words. Submissions must be made in electronic form to nlsblrblog@gmail.com under the subject heading ‘NLSBLR Vol. 7 Submission: <Submission Category>’. The submissions by students of NLSIU must be made to vasuaggarwal@nls.ac.in

Timeline and Procedure

We accept contributions to the BLR Forum on a rolling basis. BLR strives to ensure a speedy and efficient review process. We follow a system of two rounds of review by the Editorial Board for publication in the BLR Forum. Authors should be prepared to make suitable changes to their articles as required by the Editorial Board before publication.

Conditions of Publication

Please note that submissions not conforming to these guidelines may be returned or rejected. While we strive to provide substantive feedback for every submission we receive, it may not always be possible to do so, given the large number of submissions. We reserve the right to reject submissions without providing substantive feedback.

Please note that the NLSBLR blog allows cross-posting of articles.

For more information visit here https://nlsblr.com/submissionguidelines/

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