About IBC

IBC16 is a blog dedicated to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016. It is an initiative started by
the students of the Graduate Insolvency Program (Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs) in an attempt
to contribute to India’s burgeoning restructuring community. We believe that a new profession under
a new law deserves an appropriately fresh and modern platform.


IBC16 is accepting submissions in the form of articles, case comments, research pieces and opinions
which explore contemporary developments and topical themes in insolvency and bankruptcy laws.
Manuscripts should demonstrate a nexus to insolvency law, non-adherence to which, would lead to a
summary rejection. Manuscripts would be evaluated on several aspects, including but not limited to, originality, structure, coherence, clarity of expression, identification of judicial trends and incorporation of cross-domain
analysis. Purely descriptive pieces are not encouraged. Section X, IBC16’s judgment search portal, has got your case law research covered – the only place online where you can find and download any NCLT/NCLAT judgment — with just a click.


Students enrolled in any law school, legal professional training school, or executive programmes as an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral student (CA, CS etcetera). Research Associates, Academicians, Educators, Practitioners, and Professionals who are interested in or working in the field are also welcome to submit.

Submission guidelines

The following guidelines should be adhered to by the Authors:

  1. The manuscript should be original and unpublished.
  2. Co-authorship of up to two authors is allowed.
  3. Authors are encouraged to identify themes beyond the news cycle, and present a novel take
    substantiated by qualified analysis. We also welcome posts related to insolvency law, which are
    in the form of book reviews, response to an existing post, or reviews of academic articles.
  4. The word limit for each submission is 1000-1500 words. Submissions not complying with the
    word limit may be considered, depending on editorial discretion.
  5. A submission should be properly titled, and is to be made in the Microsoft Word format; font:
    Garamond, size 12 and justified. Title: bold; headings: underlined; sub-headings: italicised.
  6. All sources should be incorporated in the main body of the manuscript through hyperlinks.
  7. In case the source is not available online, it should be cited as an endnote (Garamond, size 10).
    The endnotes should comply with a recognised citation standard.
  8. IBC16 will try to inform the authors of its decision within a week of the submission, but it
    may take longer. The article should not be under simultaneous consideration elsewhere.
  9. On publication of the article, the copyright over the article shall vest with IBC16. Therefore,
    cross-posting would require IBC16’s prior approval, and a declaration in the final publication
    stating that the article was submitted to IBC16 first.

Submitting link

Submissions should be sent to contact@ibc16.com with the topic “Submission: IBC16 Blogs” in the subject line. In the body of the email, please include a declaration of originality and a brief covering note introducing the author(s) [Name, Institution, and Year of Study]. The author(s) may also submit a professional photo to accompany the post once it has been accepted. Please email us at contact@ibc16.com if you have any questions.

Submissions are on rolling basis

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