About Vedanam

As an endeavour to increase research-oriented academic writing among law students and practitioners alike, CAN Foundation, introduces “Vedanam” to the legal community. CAN’s Vedanam is an academic wing of the Foundation, aiming to provide a platform for Dhananjay and Eklavya Scholars and Law students across the nation. We believe that academic and legal discourse on contemporary relevance topics is one of the essential aspects of learning to attain proficiency in any field.

Call for Blogs

Entries that offer unique and insightful viewpoints on current legal topics will be highly valued. At its discretion, the Editorial Board may also publish unusual and analytical book reviews and case comments.

Submission guidelines

  • We prefer an article that is between 1200-2000 words. However, flexibility is allowed if the content so requires, and the quality is ensured.
  • The Editorial Board may, at its discretion, allow the publication of unconventional and analytical book reviews and case comments. Co-authorship up to two authors is allowed.
  • Author(s) must write a small (50-75 words) brief of the article at the beginning of the manuscript. Authors may also mention 3-5 keywords at the end of such brief.
  • Vedanam welcomes articles which fall within the vast universe of Law and Interdisciplinary research is highly encouraged.
  • Entries which present creative and enriching perspective on contemporary legal issues will be much appreciated.
  • All the relevant sources must be duly acknowledged and hyperlinked in the text of the manuscript itself. 
  • Endnotes will be accepted if the said reference cannot be accommodated through hyperlinks, and must be formatted in accordance with OSCOLA (Latest Edition).
  • All works submitted must be original and unpublished. Any form of plagiarism will lead to disqualification for publication on the Blog (Vedanam).
  • We request the author(s) to kindly refrain from mentioning the name, institutional affiliation or any other detail of the author(s) in the document and the tittle of the document to facilitate the double-blind review process.
  • Whenever possible use Italics to indicate the text you wish to emphasize on rather than underlining it.
  • The author(s) is also required to attach a suitable image to accompany the blog in a separate document. Please make sure you mention the source of the image in the email, for the purposes of ensuring that Vedanam accords the source due credits. It should be of high quality with a width of 1080 pixels and height of 540 pixels.

Formatting Guidelines

  • The content (including endnotes, if any) should be written in Garamond font with a size of 13. The font size of the Heading and any sub-headings should be 14. Line Spacing is to be maintained at 1.5.
  • The content of the writing should be Justified. Use Centre Alignment for the Main Heading as well as for sub-headings.
  • The author(s) is recommended to use Headings and Sub-headings in order to allow readers to navigate the article with ease.

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How To Contribute

  • All manuscript shall be sent to vedanam@canfoundation.in with the subject ‘Submission of manuscript for Vedanam’.
  • Articles should be submitted in Microsoft Word format (.docx) only.
  • Details of the author(s) should not be mentioned in the file containing the article.
  • Author(s) must include their full name, institution/organization, email address, photograph and a bio not exceeding 100 words in a separate cover letter.
  • Authors(s) are also required to submit a declaration of originalityClick here to download declaration form


  • All manuscript which meet the above-mentioned criteria shall be robustly reviewed by the Editorial Board and provided due consideration.

Contact Details

Any queries regarding the submission or review process may be addressed to the Editorial Board at vedanam@canfoundation.in .

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