About the Webinar

Bharata Mata School of Legal Studies, Aluva, Kerala, in association with World Mediation Organisation, Berlin, is conducting an International Webinar on September 11, Friday 2020.

The scope of this webinar lies in the realm of great opportunities spread out in the field of mediation and arbitration. It is also very much essential to wheel out the legal system to reach justice in an alternative way to meet its end.

As everyone knows about the expansion of mediation and arbitration outside the country, it has triggered many of the legal practitioners and aspirants to practice the law internationally. This webinar will throw light on the job opportunities and understanding of International Mediation and Arbitration process among the parties from different countries.

Therefore, Bharata Mata School of Legal Studies, Aluva and World Mediation Organisation, Berlin are auspiciously coming together to provide a platform to discuss the possibilities of International Mediation and Arbitration to show the light to everyone who are looking forward to have a great career opportunity in mediation and arbitration.

About the Speakers

Professor Daniel Erdmann, the Founder & President-WMO. He worked for several years as a member of the managing board for humanitarian organizations across many countries. Nowadays he is the Chairman and Founder of the World Mediation Organization and Professor and Dean of the School of Mediation and Terrorism Studies at Euclid.

He was a tutor at the United Nations System Staff College and former COTIPSO Training Partner/Thesis Advisor at the Peace Operations Training Institute. He is responsible for the training concept, supervision and management of civil peace projects in Europe, Asia and the U.S.

Advocate Krusch P Antony, WMO Fellow and Mediator, is an accredited Arbitrator and an ADR Professional for the past 15 years. Currently he is a Partner- Arbitration & Litigation to M/s King Stubb & Kasiva, Advocates & Attorney, Kochi, Chennai & Bangalore. He is presently the Educational Advisor (India) to WMO, Berlin.

Important Dates

Registration Starts from 27th August 2020

Last date of Registration: 8th September 2020

Details of the Webinar

Topic 1: Mediation Profession & Practice by WMO President: Professor Daniel Erdmann

Topic 2: Arbitration Law & Practice by Arbitrator & Mediator: Advocate Krusch P. Antony

Date: 11th September 2020 [Friday]

Time: 3 pm to 5.30 pm

The program will be live-streamed on Google Meet and YouTube live

Registration Details

Registration for the webinar is Free. Please note that the E-certificate will be provided for this program.

For BSOLS and WMO’s Webinar on International Mediation and Arbitration, click here.

Contact Information

For any queries, please contact: jinesh[at]bsols.edu.in

For more details visit here http://www.bsols.in/Brochure%20original%20Final.pdf

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