Spotify users can enjoy singing on karaoke, that too, online. Yes, you are right, through a patent granted by the United States it is more like an online karaoke feature got permission to make singing more easily and fun to all the music lovers. 

If we look at a typical karaoke system it consists of many weird and hard to carry things such as a microphone that is physically connected into a device that only plays content that is stored in it. If looking at a bigger picture there is no harm in saying that there was a need for an online karaoke feature to introduce as an alternative that can make singing on karaoke easier and reliable. 

The patent also explains how an online karaoke will work. The patent explains that by using a user’s device the microphone can capture a vocal which may be transmitted to a media presentation system. Also from a client’s device, a remote server distinct will transmit the corresponding media content such as a music track, to the media presentation. Whereas the client device is a mobile phone and the media presentation system could be any external speaker. The part that interests everyone the most is its reference to “auto-tuning the vocals”.

One question that concerns everyone who is reading this is why getting the patent is so important for Spotify that to get it Spotify waited for almost 5 years. 

The app-based karaoke system is largely popular in China and companies like Tencent Music Entertainments (TMC) app WeSing has a huge market in China where it generates 10 million recordings per day. According to the senior executive of TMC the company is in no hurry to expand its online karaoke app to a more international market, this is indeed the most solid reason for Spotify to enter into the online karaoke app market to make a huge profit. A great chance for Spotify to make a huge customer base. 

Report by Vanshika Sharma

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