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Imparting legal awareness is the first step towards ensuring prompt and effective access to justice. Keeping this in mind, the Bar Council of India mandated all law colleges and universities in India to establish and run legal aid centers or clinics.

The idea was to fulfill certain standards of legal education, but more importantly, it was also aimed at engaging the students in serving their community by promoting legal awareness through these legal aid clinics and programs.

Following the same mandate the Legal Aid Society, Faculty of Law, Integral University was established, for providing free legal aid services for free to the needy or the poor section of the society, who are not capable of affording a legal representative for them who can fight a case for them, so the government has brought out the service for free legal aid to the needy people; to fulfill the objective of Article 39A of the Constitution of India.

About the Article Writing Competition

Effective writing is a form of art, which only certain people possess. The main objective of this article writing competition is to convey the thoughts to the people and give information regarding the details which can be useful and helpful.

With the help of a matter of interest, to convey the very idea of one perspective, a good article requires a lot of research information intertwined with suggestions and advice, which the author believes to achieve the attention of the reader.

The main objective of the article writing competition is to evaluate and to check the knowledge of candidates about specific topics and the way they describe the same in writing.



Dropping of Criminal Proceedings: A case for Economic Fugitives


  • Dropping of criminal charges and violation of Constitutional rights
  • Negotiation: A plea Agreement
  • Accomplice and Dropping of Criminal charges
  • Cooperating in a Bigger Case
  • Remedy: Mistake of Fact Against Criminal proceedings
  • Historical Perspectives of ADR in India
  • Ad Hoc Arbitration v Institution Arbitration – A critical Analysis
  • Alternatives to Imprisonment

Undergraduate students studying in any recognized School/Department/College of Indian Universities.


To register for the Article Writing Competition, click on the link –

Fee Details

Rs. 50 per team

Please refer to the poster and QR code for the details of fee payment.


The top 3 winners will get the Certificate and their Article will be published in the Legal Aid Society Web Page ( ).

Rules of the Competition

  • Format: The article must be written in English and submitted in Microsoft Word document format (.doc/.docx).
  • Co-authorship: Up to a maximum of two authors is permitted.
  • Number of Submissions Allowed: Only 1 submission is allowed per author/team. Submissions, both as co-author and single, will be treated as multiple submissions and will be disqualified as an entry to the competition.
  • Formatting Specifications: The following formatting specifications need to be strictly adhered to:
    • Main Body: Font – Times New Roman, Font Size – 12, and Line Spacing – 1.5;
    • Footnotes: Font – Times New Roman, Font Size – 10, and Line Spacing – 1.0 and footnotes must follow the Bluebook system of citation (APA, 20th edition).
    • Margins should be 1 inch or 2.54 cm on all sides.
  • Word Limit: 2000- 2500 words excluding footnotes.
  • Abstract: The article must contain an abstract, not exceeding 250 words (which would not be counted in the word limit for the article). It must indicate the theme/topic.

How to Submit?

  • All submissions shall be submitted via email at:
  • The article must be accompanied by a cover letter containing the following information about the participant:
    • Full name of the participant;
    • Theme/Topic chosen;
    • Participant’s current year of study and name of the degree pursued;
    • Name and full address of the participant’s university;
    • Name and full postal address of the participant;
    • Phone number of the participant and email ID of the participant.
  • Plagiarism: The article must be original, unpublished and bona-fide work of the participant. Incomplete or plagiarized submissions shall be summarily rejected. The Similarity Index limit is 15% (excluding footnotes).
  • Note: No part of the article should contain any form of identification of the participant such as the name of the author, University/College name, etc. on the article. Any form of identification will lead to disqualification.

Important Dates

  • Last date of registration: March 30, 2022
  • Last date of submission: April 14, 2022

Contact details


  • Event Convener: Legal Aid Society
  • Faculty Convener: Dr. Abhishek Kumar Singh
  • Faculty Coordinator: Ashraf Azmi
  • Students Coordinators:

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