Advocate Sunil Mallan is a founder of Justice for You Law Firm and a Techno-Legal Expert and Corporate Consultant. He is a practicing advocate in Punjab and Haryana High Court and Supreme Court of Delhi. He is an arbitrator and Global Goodwill Ambassador. 

Q: How has been your journey as a lawyer? 

The journey has been fascinating, I was an engineer working on various projects and was part of various renowned organizations, I was also an advisor to Punjab Police, however, certain changes in my life compelled me to opt for the noble legal profession, and thereafter I decided to start my Legal Studies and put a halt to my Engineer Career. And now, I am a full-fledged lawyer working before the Hon’ble Supreme Court, Punjab & Haryana High Court and various District Courts. 

Q: Students in Law Schools are more inclined towards getting good grades, what is your take on it? Do grades have any significant impact on the career of a law student?

Well, there are two aspects to answer the question. 1. If you want to be a good lawyer? or 2. Do you want to be a lawyer? You might be good at academics or drafting but to my opinion, a lawyer should possess extempore skills, he should have the capability to have swift change. I lawyer in a Courtroom has to answer various questions, for this, a person should possess exemplary extempore skills. Thus, this is not the grades that make you stand out of the crowd but the skills you possess. 

Q: What do you think, what other things should the law schools implement to make upcoming lawyers a better version of themselves? 

“Law and Logic are two intersecting circles, they may coincide or may not coincide at every point”. If your logics are clear, possess the good legal knowledge and is well versed with the facts of the case, you will win the case. You must be good at SWOT analysis i.e. Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat, work on your threats and weaknesses while preparing the case. A lawyer in itself is an organization where people have a lot of expectation from you. Law schools should work on developing these skills rather than merely focussing on completing the academic syllabus prescribed by the University.

Q: What difficulties you faced as a first-generation lawyer? What mistake did you commit that you would like to share with the young fellows? 

As of now, I don’t remember any mistake that I committed as a struggling lawyer. However, at the initial stage of my career, my drafting was a bit blunt. So, focus on your drafting skills, be clear with what you wish to speak. Do your work with passion, if confused, never hesitate to consult your seniors, refer the books, read as much as you can, books are the best ornaments in one’s life. Young fellows should learn three things,

1. What to do

2. How to do and

3. Keeping the time frame in mind, do the work in time. 

Q: Non-NLU students often face internship rejections from big law firms, so what will be your advice to those students?

Securing an internship with a big law firm for a non-NLU student is a challenge. The expectations of big law firms are quite high. You need to prove yourself to them, you need to showcase certain exemplary skills. You can for sure secure an internship with the big law firms if you show you are worth the internship, meeting their internship criteria. Hard work along with smart work is the only key to success. You need to be well versed with the latest Supreme Court and High Court Judgments.

Q: Any additional things that you think should be done by students of Private Law Colleges? 

Yes, for sure, they should engage themselves in some social work. Many issues around us need to be addressed, for which we can become a whistle-blower. Pick a topic, start researching on it, talk to the people, analyse the situation and come up with a solution to the problem. One may even file a complaint, petition or RTI to the concerned authorities to bring the issue to light. Whatever you do, helps you to upgrade your knowledge.

Q: On a concluding what will be your advice to the young generation lawyers? 

Well, the platform like you are doing a great job in creating an opportunity for the young lawyers to build-up their network. The platforms like Lexpeeps must be productively used by the students and should give suggestions about the topics they wish should be addressed. One should master the art of active participation. Develop the habit of reading, always be curious to learn new things in life. Focus on achieving the goal rather than minting money. Give your best to help the people to all the possible extents.

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