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Lexpeeps Pvt. ltd. established in 2019 works to assist and help law schools in organizing and managing their events. We’re seeking to provide young and dynamic law students a platform to experience the legal world in their academic capacities. We organize different events where budding lawyers can experience the legal world. With a self-directed educational strategy and the guidance of industry experts, Lexpeeps also provide you with the recent happening in the legal world in the form of news, opportunities where you can find what suits you the best, articles to explore your interests, and many more. Keeping practical exposure for the law students in mind Lexpeeps provides you with Internships, where the legal experts and budding lawyers come in touch with each other and grow by associating with the company.

Lexpeeps Placement Cell established in 2021 operates with a vision to ensure maximum placement of students studying in different law schools across country. The sole purpose of Lexpeeps Pvt. Ltd. is to provide law students and law schools quality and to create value to the legal fraternity.

Lexpeeps Xcell is an Initiative of Lexpeeps Pvt Ltd to bring the practical aspects of law subjects on the desk of law students via personalised and curated courses.

Lexpeeps also believes that social responsibility and a sound organization can go hand in hand and as a result Lexpeeps will also be doing some social works as a corporate social responsibility as providing information and free legal aid to the poorer section of society; also it will be helping the neglected genders (LGBTQ) of society to come forward use their rights. LEXPEEPS is not a company that just runs with the objective of profit maximization but it is focused on creating good legal professionals to create a good nation where everybody shall remain aware of rights and duties.
Lexpeeps Pvt. Ltd. has taken an oath to ensure the right of the student and to help them in every possible way so that they reach immense heights of success.
“Lexpeeps Pvt. Ltd. thrives on commitment and creativity”.

About Tryambak

Trayambak is a dedicated full-service Intellectual Property company, which provides a wide range of professional intellectual property law services to its local as well as foreign clients. The Intellectual Property Division of Trayambak comprises of a team of dedicated Patent Attorneys and Agents having specialized domain knowledge in the field of Life Sciences, biotechnology, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Mechanical, Telecommunications and software.

Know Your Mentor

Ms. Isha Sharma is the founder of Tryambak Overseas Pvt. Ltd. She has 10+ Years of experience in the area of IPR. She closely works with Legal Heads of corporates, chartered accountants and founders of various industries to help in patent & trademark registration process.

Course Highlights

  1. Evolution of Intellectual Property Rights
  2. Internatonal Law on Intellectual Property
  3. Forms of Intellectual Property
  4. Significance of Intellectual Property
  5. Career Prospects in the field of IP
  6. Job Profiles in Intellectual Property
  7. The Law on Patent
  8. The Law on Design
  9. The Law on Copyright
  10. The Law on Trademark
  11. Learn about Litigation and Prosecution in IP
  12. Learn about filing process of IP

Who Should do the Course?

  • Law Students pursuing LL.B
  • Legal Professionals who are interested in IPR and wish to explore the field.
  • UG and PG Students of any field especially
  • Science, Medicine, Technology and Management
  • Legal Academicians
  • Any other Person interested to explore IPR

Why Lexpeeps Xcell

  • Complete Coverage of the Subject
  • Access to Study Materials
  • Course content created by Industry Experts
  • Internship Assistance to Students Enrolled in the
  • Course
  • Access to Lexpeeps Webinar and Workshops
  • One on One Query Resolving Sessions
  • Weekly Assignments and Test to track your
  • performance
  • 24×7 Access to the study material
  • Interactive and Recorded session with trainer


  • Certificate on Successful Completion of the Course (online & offline both)
  • Internship Opportunity at Tryambak Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
  • Membership to Lexpeeps Xcell Alumni Network
  • Goodies to the Toppers

Discount and Offers

  • 5 % discount on using Referral Code
  • Additional ₹500 Cashback to First Ten Learners

Other Guidelines

Lexpeeps Pvt. Ltd. offers specially designed and practical courses.

  1. Once you have filled the Google form you shall be considered a ‘learner’ and you agree that you will not resort to any unethical practices or violate any laws that may be applicable in your case.
  2. You acknowledge that if any information provided by you at the time of filling the Google form not correct, we reserve the right to terminate your use of our services and your enrolment into a course, to the extent applicable.
  3. You agree that you are registering with the intent to complete the course, if any, that are relevant and applicable to the course into which you have enrolled.
  4. You agree to abide by the decision/evaluation of Lexpeeps Pvt. Ltd. for grading your assignments.
  5. You agree to meet the deadlines for submission of various assignments/projects & following other logistical formalities and that issuance of the final certificate of completion/certificate of merit will be subject to your complying with the terms of this document.
  6. You agree that only you are authorized to access the content that is copyrighted with Lexpeeps Pvt. Ltd. and not to share or make available to any third party who has not subscribed to the course, workshop or program by Lexpeeps Pvt. Ltd.
  7. While Lexpeeps Pvt. Ltd. puts in best efforts to ensure that the content for its courses, workshops or programs is authentic and correct, it makes no warranty to that effect.
  8. You agree not to share your user credentials (user ID & password) with any third party who has not subscribed to the course, workshop or program by Lexpeeps Pvt. Ltd.
  9. Lexpeeps Pvt. Ltd. can modify or remove any content from its platform or the courses that you have opted for, at its sole discretion. Lexpeeps Pvt. Ltd. need not notify the learners of any such change.
  10. To get the certificate the student is required to attend the live classes, and mark themselves present. Watching recorded classes won’t be marked as attendance.
  11. No return policy on the fees that is paid for the course.
  12. Students have to submit the assignments assigned to them within the limited time frame.
  13. Limitation of Liability – Under this User Agreement and during the course of our association, the maximum liability of Lexpeeps Pvt. Ltd. shall be limited to the fees paid by you.
  14. In case of any disputes or differences arising under this agreement or during the tenure of service from Lexpeeps for the Course between the Learnor/ Xcellor (Term used for course buyer from Lexpeeps Pvt Ltd.), the matter shall be referred to a sole arbitrator appointed by Lexpeeps whose decision shall be final on each and every issue. The arbitration proceedings shall be conducted at New Delhi. The courts at New Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction to entertain anymapplication or issue inter-se between the parties. The arbitration proceedings shall be governed by The Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996

How much to Pay?

INR 3,499( For first 10 buyers) For Students enrolled in Universities/ Colleges 

INR 3,999 /- For Students enrolled in Universities/ Colleges 

INR 4,499( For first 10 buyers) Other Category of Learners 

INR 4,999 For Other Category of Learners

To avail Discount and Coupons, Please checkout www.lexpeeps.in 

Note: You are required to deposit the whole amount i.e. INR 3,999 or INR 4,499 as applicable. The discounted amount shall be refunded via Cash back

Course Duration

3 Month (Weekends-Saturday and Sunday)

Last Date of Registration

13th Oct, 2021

Mode of Learning


Payment Detail

UPI Handle: 8340132731@kotak

GOOGLE PAY: @8340132731

Note: Preserve the online transaction slip for future purposes

Registration Form


Contact Details

Madhur Rathaur (Founder & Director): 8340132731

Nidhi Chhillar (Director): 9467036876 (Whatsapp) 9729793238 (Calling No.)

Aishwarya Rathaur (Co-Founder): 7091826512

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