Greetings from the GNLU Centre for Law and Society. We have great pleasure in announcing the 5th edition of the GNLU Essay Competition on Law and Society, 2020.

Evidence indicates that the likelihood of pandemics has expanded over the previous century because of increased global travel and integration, urbanization, changes in land use, and greater exploitation of the environment. Multiple outbreaks have exposed gaps related to the timely detection of disease, availability of basic care, the economic recession which follows such pandemics, issues pertaining to privacy, administration of justice and laws during pandemics and lockdown, global coordination, etc. It has become clear that traditional response mechanisms and strategies have proven inadequate to the task of prevention and control.

In order to encourage further research and reflections along these lines, the Centre for Law and Society is organizing the 5th edition of the essay competition on the theme Issues and Challenges during and post the Global Pandemic: Possible Reform, Strategies and Solutions. The following sub-themes have been identified as requiring academic consideration in this context:

  1. Economics in the time of a global pandemic
  2. Justice in the time of COVID-19
  3. Decoding the legal framework for pandemic control
  4. Mental Health and wellness
  5. The validity of the use of force against violators of lockdown
  6. Impact and role of mass media during the pandemic
  7. Effectiveness of public health communication to create psychological resources for developing resilience
  8. Reduction of stigma, prejudice, discrimination, and inequalities
  9. Privacy v. Health. To what extent Privacy can be renounced?
  10. Shelter Homes and Safety of Children amidst the lockdown
  11. Need for reform in Education during the lockdown


The competition is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in any discipline in a recognized University/ College/ Institute in India.


November 29, 2020


Winners will also be offered internships by Luthra & Luthra Law Offices and Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative. They will also get an opportunity of publication in the GNLU Law and Society Review, an annual journal published by the Centre. 

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Certificates will be issued to all participants and winners.

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