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Intellectual property (IP) law is based on many assumptions about how creators and innovators behave, how markets for inventions operate, and how judges and juries adjudicate IP disputes. Despite the prominence of these assumptions in IP doctrine, their accuracy has rarely been tested. Empirical studies—employing controlled experiments, data collection from real-world cases, and structured interviews—can examine the validity of IP law’s basic assumptions and provide recommendations for promoting
innovation and increasing the efficiency of the system. Research methodology comprises of the steps in conducting research beginning from literature review to the creation and analysis of empirical data. Lack of awareness and effective training of tools in research methodology is an impediment to carrying out quality research. The workshop aims at addressing this crucial problem by imparting training to IP researchers for properly conducting research, and analysing the results of empirical study to support their findings in IPR policy research.

About the Workshop:

The current workshop is an effort to enrich the Research scholars in Intellectual property on research methodology with hands-on training. This workshop is open for legal academicians who are working in the areas of intellectual property law in India. There is a clear transition from conceptual to empirical research work in the IP research. The core objective of this workshop is to make the target group more capable of handling IP data. All the sessions will be handled with lectures and practical exercises.


All registered Ph.D. scholars (IPR) from recognized Indian Law University/legal research institutes, Academicians, Post Graduate students (IPR) may send their application (online) for the workshop along with a summary of their research proposal(not more than 300 words). The selection committee will select the participants for hands-on training based on their research work, credentials given in the registration form.
The participants should have basic knowledge of IPR and computer applications.

Application Process:

  • Registration form is available at https://forms.gle/myPXzRMkYH7yS4XXA
  • The link shall remain open till June 5,2021.
  • Application form can be filled and submitted only through the link provided. No other modes of submission like courier or other offline modes will be accepted.
  • A selection committee will review the application forms submitted based on the credentials given.
  • List of selected participants will be published on June 07 ,2021 and the same shall be communicated to the participants via their e-mail address provided at the time of submission of online application.
  • Selected participants can make the registration fee payment.
  • Details relating to the Workshop will be shared only with the selected participants.
  • The selected participants are requested to have their own Laptops to get hands-on experience on the software applications introduced during the Course.

Registration Fee:

Registration fee for the Workshop is Rs 1000/-(Rupees One Thousand only).
The fee payment link will be shared with selected participants.
Fee once paid is non-refundable. No participant will be entertained without enrolment.


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