About the event

Indore Institute of Law is conducting the 2nd edition of KLBMUN, Online via Microsoft Teams Application, from 8th to 10th April 2021. KLBMUN is established with the aim of bringing together young people all over the world to cooperate in social movements, business, technology and culture to get to know each other and bring changes for a better world.

The conference offers unique, engaging committees, friendly, professional service, and opportunities for delegates to debate, deliberate & discuss various topics of national and international importance. Through international programs aimed at building leadership skills of young people around the world who have global thinking, and bring them together to know each other, appreciate, and support one another today and tomorrow in the future. They look forward with programs that make young generation unite in a single forum to bring the world a better place.

About the college

Indore Institute of Law was established in the year 2003 has the vision of brining intellectual awakening and all-round development of our country through education in the field of law. In short span of time the institute has created a history of being the only institute in private sector to offer all Law Courses i.e. B. A. LL. B (Hons.), B.B.A. LL. B(Hons.)., LL. B.(Hons.) & LL. M.(Hons.) under one roof and has started a new course B.B.A.LL.B (Hons.) Transnational & Global Studies with the aim to provide global exposure of both education and industry.            

The institution has always prioritized the overall development of the students; it is well reflected in the academic growth of IIL along with the promotion and participation in the extra-curricular activities. IIL is glad to share the academic excellence of the college which is authenticated by our students who bagged 38 university top out of 40. Further to horn the skill IIL in association with Enhelion Indian Pvt. Ltd. provides its students with 5 Diploma Courses in 5 years Law course.


1.      UNHRC – Violation of Human Rights of Women and Children in Conflicted Zones

2.      UN WOMEN – Discussing the Laws related to Exploitation of Women at Workplaces

3.      UNEP – Comprehensive Discussion on the Effect of Climate Change

4.      UNDP – Improving Economic Growth through equitable access to Technology, Resources and Job Opportunities

5.      ECOSOC – Improving the Digital Economy in Developing Countries

6.      UNGA DISEC – Measures to prevent Non-State Actors from acquiring Weapons of Mass Destruction

7.      UNSC – Discussing the Possible Reforms in the Security Council

8.      UNGA LEGAL – Reconsidering the International Conventions on Death Penalty

9.      WHO – Improvement in Implementation of International Health Regulations

10.  LOK SABHA– Discussion on the Economic Slowdown in India

11.  AIPPM – Discussion on the Implementation of Farmer’s Bill 2020

12.  RAJYA SABHA – Discussing the religious rights and addressing the Anti-Conversion Bill.

13.  MP VIDHAN SABHA – Discussion on the Roadmap to Atmanirbhar Madhya Pradesh 2023


DATE OF EVENT: 8th – 10th April 2021.


·         BEST DELEGATE: Rs. 2100

·         HIGH COMMENDATION: Rs. 1100

·         SPECIAL MENTION: Rs. 700

·         BEST DELEGATION AWARD: Rs. 4000



Ø  Individual delegates registration- Rs. 200/- per individual

Ø  Institutional delegate registration– Rs. 150/- per individual (For a group of 10 or more than 10 members)


Interested participants are requested to fill the online registration form via the link attached below. Participants must mention their committee preferences and previous experiences as per the form.

Individual Delegates: https://forms.gle/nE6CaPaXFHgs65Qb8

Institutional Delegations: https://forms.gle/AjNCvUMkpvRdWvkcA

Last date of Registration: 30 March 2021.

For any further clarifications/queries, feel free to Contact:

Mr. Arpit Jain – 9694419101

Mr. Arihant Tiwari – 7999852459

Instagram: https://instagram.com/klb_mun2.0

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KLB-MUN-20-101863701994067/

Website: https://www.indoreinstituteoflaw.org/

Visit us for more such opportunities: http://lexpeeps.in/

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