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Government Law College, Mumbai in association with the Chief Justice M. C. Chagla Memorial Trust is pleased to announce the 27th M. C. Chagla Memorial Government Law College National Moot Court Competition to be held on 31st October & 1st November 2020.
The Mooting Committee of Government Law College has been hosting the M. C. Chagla Memorial Moot Court Competition for several years. It began as a city-level Moot Court Competition, which was later expanded to a state-level competition. Due to the overwhelming response that we have been receiving, the Competition, since its 18th edition, has been raised to a national platform.
The Late Mr. M. C. Chagla was appointed as the First Indian Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court. He also served as the Ambassador to USA, Mexico, Cuba, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bombay, High Commissioner to England, and Union Minster for Education.
Chief Justice M. C. Chagla also served as a Professor of Constitutional Law at the Government Law College for a number of years. He worked tirelessly for the causes of civil liberty, individual freedom, and political democracy, and this Moot Court Competition promises to be a fitting tribute to his legacy.


Participation is restricted to bonafide law students either enrolled in the 3-year L.L.B Law course or the 5-year integrated Law course. Participation is limited to only one team per college or university. Cross college/university teams are strictly prohibited.



Registration Procedure and Fee Details

  • All registering colleges must provisionally register themselves by sending an email to mcchagla.glc[at]gmail.com. Only after the provisional registration has been confirmed will a link to a Google Form and details for the payment of registration fees be provided.
  • The payment of registration fees will be through NEFT in the amount of Rs. 1,800/- (Rupees one thousand eight hundred only) the details of which will be provided once the provisional registration has been confirmed.
  • All teams shall be given a “team code” by the Organisers on validation of their Registration and Demand Draft. Thereafter the teams shall use their designated “team code” for all correspondence with the Organisers.
  • The assigned “team code” must be used by the teams during the submission of Memorials and during all the Rounds of the Competition.

Important Dates

Last date of Registration and Submission of Registration Google Form (Soft Copy): 15th September 2020Last Date for seeking clarifications regarding the Moot Proposition: 25th September 2020Deadline for Submission of Memorials (Soft Copy): 6th October 2020Rounds of the Competition: 31st October and 1st November 2020

Contact Details

Email Address: mcchagla.glc[at]gmail.com; mcaglc[at]gmail.comMoot Court Association: Ms. Ruchi Wagaralkar (+91 9833898280)Registrations: Mr. Abhishek Raj (+91 9905912099), Mr. Aman Saraf (+91 9820402375)Memorials: Mr. Aman Saraf (+91 9820402375)

Official Links

For the moot proposition of the National Moot Court Competition, click here.
For the schedule of the National Moot Court Competition, click here.
For the rules and regulations of the National Moot Court Competition, click here.

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