About Glocalex: Glocalex’s Writing Oasis aims to encourage law students across various colleges, through a quality article writing competition to develop an original thought process and analyses not only international but also municipal contemporary issues adversely affecting humankind.

About the competition:

Glocalex is pleased to announce its first Article Writing Competition (The Writing Oasis) 2020. This competition is open to articles written by undergraduate law students from any recognized university/college. The pre-condition is to understand the role of law and to find innovative solutions to the problems.


Glocalex is making its efforts to be the Jurisprudential Axis of the World. Writing oasis will be aiming to cover global issues adversely affecting the community:

  • Law and Global Catastrophic Risks [Climate change, Artificial general intelligence, Biotechnology risk, Ecological collapse, Global pandemic]
  • Democracies of the World
  • Human Rights/Humanitarian Assistance and Policies
  • Public International Law – War Crimes, Terrorism and National Security
  • Trade and Commercial Laws
  • Analyzing Emergency and Disaster Relief
  • Immigration, Nationality, and Citizenship


The Editorial Board will pay specific attention to these questions:

  1. A topic shall be original, fresh, and innovative? The topic is more than a simple description of a court decision or any other legal development?
  2. The topic shall be engaging and relevant.
  3. The article shall be well written and informative.
  4. Footnoting shall follow the 20th bluebook edition. All citations should conform to The Bluebook (20TH EDITION). Footnotes should be instructive and not merely cite a case or secondary source.
  5. The body and footnotes should be in 12-point Times New Roman and 10-points Times New Roman font respectively. Word limit: 1200-1500 words. The article can only be submitted as a Microsoft Word File.
  6. Clarity, including syntax, grammar, and spelling all are relevant parts of the judging.
  7. Content must be original work of a single author and may not have been written for the paid employment and must not be under review for publication anywhere at the time it is submitted to this competition.
  8. No person shall submit more than one entry.
  9. The Competition’s Editorial Board reserves the right to award or reject any submissions.
  10. File names of your Word must only contain the title and name in the following format: [Name – Title of the Paper].
  11. The participant must mention their full name, affiliated university, and course, year of study, email address, and title of the paper on the cover page of their submission.
  12. Any page or part of submission except the cover page shall not contain the full name, affiliated university, and course, year of study, email address. Note: Violation of any of the above guidelines shall lead to disqualification.

Prizes and Reward:

  1. For the Winner – Rs. 1200/- with 9 Months Subscription of CLA Online
  2. First Runner-up – Rs. 1000/- with 6 Months Subscription of CLA Online
  3. Second Runner-up – Rs. 800/- with 3 Months Subscription of CLA Online
  4. Top 20 Articles will get an opportunity to be reviewed by the Glocalex’s Editorial Board and thereby to be published at https://www.glocalex.net/ if selected.
  5. All successful participants shall receive a Participation Certification.

Important dates:

Registrations & Submissions shall start from October 25, 2020; 12:01 AM

Last Date of Registration – November 25, 2020; 05:00 PM

Last Date of Submission – November 30, 2020; 05:00 PM

Registration and Submission:

REGISTER NOW: https://forms.gle/YfarTKeRNWyXwXay8/

If you already have an Article Written in relation to the above-mentioned themes…

SUBMIT YOUR ARTICLE HERE-https://forms.gle/QxjhkBaBE5xESpyo6/

For any query mail: competitions@glocalex.net

Lexpeeps honest opinion:

  • Law students exploring their interests and trying to give an edge to their writing skills.
  • Want to excel in their interpersonal skills like writing, communication.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-year law students shall give their submission as these are the opportunities that give them exposure.
  • All the law students trying to bring laurels to them.
  • Knowing and not knowing about the subject doesn’t matter if you are willing to work hard and research a lot about your topic.

Note: This is just a suggestion from Lexpeeps side to everyone reading. It has been seen that in this hard time, students are panicking and doing everything and anything just to add on to their CV/Resume, even the things that are not going to add so much value to their CV’s

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