In pursuance of this quest to grow, University School of Law & Legal Studies is conducting the ‘1st All India Online Vimarsh Competition’, an online elocution competition to further the prospect of public speaking among students.


New World order in wake of COVID – 19, Opportunities and encumbrances/कोविड – १९ के उपरांत नयी विश्व-व्यवस्था, अवसर एवं रुकावटें


  1. Maximum time limit is 3 minutes.
  2. Use of background music or props is prohibited.
  3. Use of unparliamentary language or socially, morally suggestive expressions is prohibited.
  4. Irrelevant content will not be considered.
  5. The medium of language in both English and Hindi.
  6. Use of any kind of unfair or illicit means will straightaway lead to disqualification.
  7. The same will be monitored by the organising committee.
  8. No requests whatsoever shall be entertained thereafter.
  9. By sending the videos, the creator transfers all rights over the video to the University.


60% weightage shall be given by the judges of the event.
The judges shall mark the videos on the basis of
1.Content(10 marks)

3.Conveyance (10 marks)

4.Congnitiveness (10 marks)

Weightage shall be given to the number of likes received on the videos to be uploaded on the Youtube Channel. Depending on the average of “Likes” received on all the videos, the weightage of each like shall be calculated.


Top 2 entries from each category i.e. English and Hindi will be awarded Special Certificate of merit [E-Certificates].

The Overall Winner would be adjudged as the ‘Best Speaker’ [E-certificate] and any other reward as and when possible as per the routine course of the University.

E-certificate to all participants


  • Entry is on a first come first serve basis. The confirmed participants will be informed through email about the same.
  • The participants have to send their entries in the form of mp4 format video to our official email account usllscompetitions.ggsipu[at]gmail.com, which would be uploaded on our social media platforms. The size of the video must not be more than 60-70 MB.
  • Participants shall speak on the given topic but it should be understood that politicization of the issue, promoting bias, and not engaging in a healthy exchange of opinions would lead to disqualification.
  • The entry which gets the maximum number of “likes” along with the decision of the organizers shall be the winner. (please refer the judging criteria below).
  • Certificate for all participants [E- Certificates].


No Registration Fee

Registration link click on the link below



  • Last date for submission: 28th May 2020 (11:59 am i.e. prior to 12 noon)
  • Commencement of polling Date: 29th May 2020, 12 AM Onwards
  • End of polling: 1st June 2020, 12 AM.
  • Declaration of results: on or before 5th June 2020


Yashdeep Lakra: 8826552594

Mayank Pratham:  76786 72016

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