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Workshop on jokering justice: introduction to theatre of the oppressed

SAMBHAAVNAA INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC POLICY AND POLITIC is organizing a Workshop on jokering justice: introduction to theatre of the oppressed.


Is culture just art and architecture or is there more to it? How does it affect our lives? Does it only exist in the past, to be observed from a distance? The irony is embedded in everything around us, as indigenous and folk forms of expression, like Warli Art, are being capitalised upon to be put on objects, like laptop covers and backpacks. Does this constitute cultural work? Or is this the new normal for ‘culture’? What does culture mean for us? How can we problematize ‘culture’? How is culture performatively made? How does culture lend itself to multiple interpretations?

These are the kinds of questions we’d like to engage with … through theatre. Theatre has always been synonymous with culture – not just a form through performance, but something posing with its dual nature as both the mirror and the window. Just like any other journey, culture moves and grows without structural frameworks. It is non-linear and chaotic in its extension. It is through this non-linearity and chaos that we will try to evoke different conversations and stimulate our imaginations.


The resource persons (Jaya Iyer and Zubair Idrisi), along with Sambhaavnaa Institute, want to create a space and community for individuals planning to engage in TOTO methods and practices in their respective fields. This could be any arena of social development and education among other spaces. The idea is to create agents of change who would become TOTO practitioners in the future for issues related to justice, equality and transformation. This workshop, which is the second and intermediate level, is a 6-day workshop. It will focus on participatory processes which offers people/groups the possibility of articulating sociopolitical and cultural issues in form of short plays and creating a structure in which an active dialogue between the actors and the spectators is instigated in order to try and change the story. The work that we will do during these 6 days will be experiential, with a summary and debrief of the techniques involved:

  • Space to connect within – reviewing and unpacking our personal contexts through the prisms of our own daily lives, work, community, etc.
  • Diving deeper into different activities, related to our bodies, finding different modes of self-expression through a focus on our authentic voice
  • Script forum and facilitation – principles of jokering and utilising these in different fields (e.g. facilitating large heterogeneous groups)
  • Practicing invisible theatre to understand dialogue as an end in itself
  • Understanding the politics of space and representation through an engagement with the modalities of symbols and spectacles
  • Build an effective culture of dialogue for sustainable change


This workshop is for change-makers, social work practitioners, activists, people associated with people’s movements, theatre artists who work on aspects of social change and young artists exploring techniques for social change. The participants would be expected to be working with or be associated with TOTO in some way or demonstrate commitment for the same. It is also expected the participants would be able to joker (design, facilitate dialogic processes) workshops involving community members to create forum performances and initiate a cultural shift.

Dates and Venue

31st August to 5th September, 2022, Sambhaavnaa Institute, VPO – Kandbari, Tehsil – Palampur, District – Kangra, PIN 176061, Himachal Pradesh

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